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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Clive Bundy And Racism in America; Stupid Racists

Now I'm sure by now you've heard of Clive Bundy. Here in the U.S. it's been making the news rounds for about a week, until 5 days ago or so, of course. If you haven't heard of him, (international viewers- only my German viewer now though, since apparently my British, Indian, and Australian viewers decided to ditch me. Thanks again for that.) let me spare you a Google. Besides, even if you do Google him, by now the news is a bucket load of stale crap from several weeks ago, and it's not very clear. Plus, the dude has his own BLOGSPOT, so there's a lot of FUD being spread by him as well. Anyway, Cliven is a rancher that gained national recognition with the mega-conservatives out there while fighting- yes, it almost escalated to physical violence- for control of land that he grazed his cattle on. He claimed that the land belonged to his family, but the government clearly proved OTHERWISE. So you know what he did? He got a bunch of his other white friends to come over with their guns and stuff, and had a standoff with the government. A STANDOFF. And you know what happens when he disobeys the law, threatens violence, and refuses to cooperate with the government? HE GETS NATIONAL RECOGNITION AS A REPUBLICAN POSTER BOY, AND IS SUPPORTED BY PROMINENT REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN. In fact, it looked like he was going to get away with it too, the breaking of the law and all, until he, good 'ole Clive opened his big fat mouth again, and started spouting off RACIST comments. So what do his supporters do? They immediately renounce their support, say, "He said it, not me!" and move far, far away. Idiots, the whole bunch of them. Who didn't see this coming? I sure did. I still can't get over the fact that this guy was taken seriously for as long as he was! He's a freaking racist criminal, and he senators celebrated  him! What's wrong with this screwed up world? First of all, there shouldn't have been any supporters for him from the get-go. This is just another example of a stupid far-right rancher that's using the "government is too darn big!" line to avoid paying the government money. With his case against the government, he's basically refusing to acknowledge the U.S. government and it's CLEAR ownership of the area his cattle graze on, saying, "Yessie, well, that land has been close my family for years now, and I have the right to graze wherever I want my darn cattle to!" No Bundy, you don't. Hey, my family lived in Asia for generations, but I don't go around claiming to own the Himalayas, do I, Clive? This man is simply a cheep skate criminal that walks around spreading "gov'ment too darn big" crap as an excuse to his ILLEGAL activities. Sure, the government can be a bit heavy-handed sometimes, and maybe they did make some mistakes. But if you felt you were wrongly accused, YOU CAN ISSUE A FREAKING PETITION, MORON. You could even go to court! Oh, that reminds me. What did the court say? It said you were WRONG. So what did you do? You got your self a bunch of militia men to come and fight with the government. Why are there still private militia men? I don't know, but Clive definitely knew about them. He got a bunch of younger white guys to come with AK-47's blazing and have a standoff WITH THE GOVERNMENT. And the response? A bunch of IDIOT Republicans called him a national hero! Idiots, he's freaking leading a revolt against the government! That brings me to another point; the congressional support. First of all, whenever there''s a crazed criminal who doesn't recognize the U.S. government, the thing YOU DO NOT DO is ASSOCIATE yourself with him. Next thing you know, OVER HALF of all Republican Presidential Hopefuls support him! You want to U.S. President, but support a guy who doesn't recognize America? Next, they didn't even VET him out. They were so desperate for someone to identify with, they immediately accepted him. Just like that old lady who wanted to execute the President. You guys are preaching ACTS AGAINST THE UNITED STATES, and you want the American people to freaking give you responsibility? You preached Phil from Duck Dynasty until you found out he was a homophobic too. The same thing happens when you find out he's a racist-you distance yourself. WHY WERE YOU EVEN NEAR THAT PILE OF CRAP? The problem isn't with the other people idiots- YOU are the reason no one votes for you guys anymore. On one hand you have the crazy stupid, crap-sicle far right conservatives who preach racism or presidential death, and then you have those Republicans who aren't half bad, have modern views of society, just having different economic standpoints who NEVER make it to the big leagues. Republicans need to change; the PEOPLE who supported this guy need to change. Otherwise, there will be serious consequences in the future.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Views are down...

Hey guys, me again. I'm finishing up another article for this site, getting ready TO MAKE MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO, so check those out when they hit this site, and I'm also checking the views tab. Now, it seems that after I disabled counting my views, I've hit a views slump. So, I've decided to get some feed back: What can I do to make you look at this blog more? You can answer on this form here, or in the comments. See you soon! Edit: Just looked at this, and NO ONE RESPONDED. THANK YOU, VIEWERS.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Casual Gaming

Hey guys! I just got done playing Flappy Birds. I know, I know, shame unto me, but I've never really been a gamer, and honestly, that's the extent to which my gaming prowess goes. I have a Wii, which in itself is very telling, but I don't really use that either. It's mainly for my brother, who plays Diego and Dora on it. I've played browser games occasionally, but most of the time I quit them in like 5 minutes because either I don't really like the game, or (this happens most of the time) I can't get past the tutorial or first level. In fact, most of the time, when I do play games online, I play hacked games so I never have to worry about losing. But even then, now the hacks are made so that you have to push buttons to activate them, so I'll be mashing the button really hard while I'm getting OWNED by the AI. It's pretty disappointing all in all. But that changes later today! From now on, I'm going to attempt to redeem my self from these lows, and become a semi casual gamer. The art of casual gaming has been lost for decades, ever since the iPhone came into being, and the world was ushered into an era of freemium gaming. What does this decision mean? Nothing really. I'll just occasionally post videos of my self playing old or very casual games and make a total idiot out of myself. So be ready, good blog reader! Prepare for the return of CASUAL GAMING!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Sorry for the delay in posts, guys. it's just that I've been a bit busy between school and tweaking my Debian to perfection to post. I didn't plan on being away from the blog this long, in fact, originally I was going to post this morning. However, then I had to go shopping. And I HATE SHOPPING. It's not one of those hyperbole's people say, like OMG, I hate these off-brand high heels, or, Oh my god, I hate it when the guy at Starbucks makes my coffee too hot! In those cases, you don't actually hate those things with a burning passion, like the way the KKK hates black people. You're just making a point about your dislike for the issue. But I, I REALLY hate shopping. I HATE it. Can't stand it at all. Something about the activity just literally drains my soul, as if I'm dying or something. I don't know why; maybe it's just the act of shopping I hate, walking through a store looking for stuff, or maybe it's the atmosphere of shopping, cramming hundreds of people into tiny buildings so that they can pay money for stuff. It's just that while I'm shopping, my mood just slowly falls, and I start to get really stressed. Now, it's not because of money or anything. I'm not that much of a cheep skate. I'm perfectly fine shopping online and stuff. And looking for things, getting the stuff I need doesn't irk me either. But the congestion, the lines, the endless wait shuffling as people take FOREVER to decide what to get, and the amount of problems people bring in? That bugs me a lot. Shopping centers are one of the few places I feel you really get to know someone. Are they bargain hunters? Do they care about money? How do they deal with people? It's all there. People totally expose themselves while shopping. I think it's one of the few times that still happens today, since we're anonymous so much of the time now. Walking down the street, it's very unlikely anyone will know, or care who you are. But when you're shopping, for one reason or another-maybe it's pure boredom from waiting, people can't help but notice you, and when they notice you, you know they can't help but judge you. How many times have you done the same thing? Combine this exposure with judgement, and you're bound to have conflict, which really escalates things. Like today, this kid rammed into his dad with a shopping cart really hard (I was directly behind him) and the dad just started cursing really loudly in Spanish (don't ask how I know this) and another lady just turned around and gave him a piece of her mind in English. Everyone just sort of stopped, the man turned red, the lady smiled and walked away. The man then started cussing at her too, but quietly. It's situations like these that make me dislike shopping. You know, we spend so much time thinking just about ourselves, and pretending like we're the only ones that matter that when we do really get to see our pettiness, our weakness, and dependence on things beyond our control, like when shopping, it honestly puts us down. It scares us. It scares me. That's the reason I hate shopping. I get that we have our weaknesses, and are a small part of a really big and high-def picture, but when I see it like I see it when shopping, it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. We truly are insignificant.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meme Binge!

Okay, you know how every now and then, it's just one of those days when you feel like doing nothing productive and totally wasting your time? Well, today is one of those days for me, and when this happens, I go... MEME BINGE! Today, I'm going to share with you the best (okay, fine, just mediocre) of what the internet (specifically, Google Images, but that's already basically a bunch of the internet) has to offer in memes! So get ready to binge! 


This one is bit of a warmer. Not really tipping the scales in being funny, but the baby, and the pose, it just looks really cute. (Happy? I used the word. Now prepare to never hear it again.) Plus, don't you have fond memories of watching Elmo and being enthralled with the now creepy puppet? No? Fine.


This one though, that's getting better. I'll say it here right now, I'm a DEMOCRAT to INDEPENDENT. No where near the super-conservatives out there. Seriously, those guys carry viewpoints from the Dark Ages. Get with the times! Worth a note; Mitt was actually right about Russia being important.


Okay, now this one made me smile. It's a bit old, but you get the picture. I'm a FIRM ANDROID USER. I'm also an Apple Hater, and that's the way I like it. Seriously, iOS Maps was one of the worst product releases ever. As my Australian viewers know, the Aussie government actually told everyone to stop using Apple Maps after it launched for their own safety. This was after people started driving into airplane hangers, and stuff. Thank's, Apple!


This isn't one of those sick-burn type things, but it definitely is a good meme. I just want to post it because Stephen Hawking, pictured here, is one of the coolest, epic-est, AWESOME-EST people ever in my book. Literally, he's that awesome, revolutionizing physics and all. Part of the reason I like him is because as a person, he's actually a bit of a butt, but despite this, he's risen to success, and has overcome the odds. He's like Steve Jobs or Richard Stallman, not the best of guys as people, but awesome because of what they've accomplished. No offense to Hawking personally, but the people I mentioned are kind of like proof to me saying "yes, you can still be a jerk and be successful." So to all the jerks out there, listen up: hope is not lost for you- yet!


OH MY GOD! Gordon Ramsey is the boss! His attitude, jerkishness, and perfectionism put him on my list of top 10 people to EMULATE. Seriously, this guy is top notch in the combination of humor, anger, excellence, and talent that SO MANY EXPECT to fail, but he doesn't. This definitely allows me to put a perspective on life, since this shows that no matter how nice you are, you're never going to get anywhere in life without BEING RUTHLESS. When was the last time you saw a nice rich guy? Besides Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, though they were quite feisty in the old days themselves. 


I just love this meme, since it comes from one of my favorite movie franchises/series's, from back in a time when America was obsessed with British people (even more than now) and that awesome slap stick brand of comedy. THANK YOU AUSTIN POWERS!


Mitt Romney, anyone? Oh crap, now I gotta insert this.


MARIO FINALLY MAKES SENSE! As a child, I never did get the concept of Mario. He was an Italian man/boy with a big mustache that ran around eating and jumping on mushrooms, during a quest to save a princess named after common fruit from an angry bull-turtle. Sounds like a Mafia drug addict chasing around an abused wife to me! 


Ah, Nokia, good old Nokia. Why did you have to sell to Microsoft? You know, during a school play, I used one of those old block phones as a prop. I don't recommend it in real life though, cause I'm pretty sure one of those models gave people cancer. Oh, and Chuck Norris FTW!


Kevin Hart man! I HAVE to see his movies! This line though, really, awesome. That's all there really if to say.


Alienware! Don't you just love watching a bunch of conspiracy theorists go at it for a couple of hours after dealing with this thing called reality? No? Well I sure do. This guy, in fact is my favorite. Like literally, his hair and his crazy attitude? AWESOME. even if he is, you know, a bit off-the-rocker. And mixing that with Alienware? ANCIENT ALIENS + ALIENWARE = AWESOMENESS!


Ha! +Mitt Romney you mad bro? This is a bit out dated, but awesome! 


Okay, now I know that if I don't include a Bush meme, this post will be incomplete on the political front, so here it goes! And I know I'm not part of the Nobel Prize board or anything, but I think that they were wrong in giving +The White House President Obama the Peace Prize. First of all, no offense, but I think there are people who deserved it more than him, and also, that seems a bit like the Prize is aligning itself with a particular government, and takes away from the neutrality, giving-recognition-when-due vibe the Nobel Prize has gathered over the years, and should keep. 


Again, this goes with the whole Stephen Hawking thing above too. No matter what you personally think of him, you have to give Stephen Hawking credit, and serious amounts of it at that. Disregarding his personal journey, which he thinks you should do, he's revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos and of the universe itself, and advanced human knowledge to the next level. Anyone with that kind of thing on the resume earns some series cred with me. But despite that, many don't like him, or don't even bother to even pretend and care. Sigh.


Okay, I promised myself I wouldn't go overboard with Stephen Hawking... but I did this anyway. Last one folks, and man is this the prime package! A yo-mamma joke, and science! Comedy and learning! Genius, isn't it? Or is it Myth Busters...

Peace for the world! (As if...)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

That's My Dad (Dr. Yadav Pandit)

Okay, this might be borderline spam, but still, I feel the need to recognize my dad. He and my mom are literally THE BEST PEOPLE EVER. My dad is the reason I'm so into science, as he is a NUCLEAR PHYSICIST. He recently published a MAJOR PAPER, and I feel like I should share it. Just to note: I won't be sharing things like this AT ALL after this, but I want to give back recognition to my dad after everything he's done for me. So, here is a link to the full article. Note that despite my dad's name not being mentioned much, this is mostly his research. If you want proof, comment. For those of you who don't care, I'm not going to post the full paper her. Thank you, dad, and peace out!


Hey, so I just got done posting about internet hate, and I decided this would be the best time to do some housekeeping. I've got my system back together now, so YAY! Hopefully, this means that I can follow a daily posting schedule. But, I actually do have a life outside of this, so fingers crossed. I finished changing up the pages section of this blog. Now, whenever you want to get information about Linux or GNU, you can click on the link on the side. That's the only link working right now though. Everything else is crap. The goal is to organize this site better, but I ONLY HAVE 21 POSTS, so this isn't really an issue just yet. While I was checking the views tab, I also got some other news; our BRITISH and AUSTRALIAN FRIENDS HAVE LEFT! I know right? Like that's a huge put down for me. Is this blog not worth your time? I was about to go on a major rant about you and your worthlessness, but then I figured, nah, there's still a chance for them. Maybe they'll check the blog tomorrow, and besides, the German viewer is all I need really to be INTERNATIONAL. Anyway, guess what! We've reached a new record for highest number of VIEWS, 60 yesterday! That is huge, right? Even if I did contribute 31 of those views, it's still big for me. We're almost to 512, which is another special number for me, just because it's 256 + 256. WHEN we reach that goal, I promise myself, THAT I WILL STOP COUNTING MY OWN VIEWS AS VIEWS. I know, a terrible decision, since after that I'll have like 0 view growth, but for some stupid reason, I feel like I owe you guys, my real viewers (bot nets too) just enough to stop lying to you. (Okay, real reason: in order to qualify for Google Ad sense, I can't count my own views, and I think it's time I start making money off this blog.) That brings me to my next point; AD SENSE. For those of you who don't know, Ad Sense is Google's Web Ads platform. That's how Google makes money; by selling ads to companies to display them online. Every time you click an ad, the company pays Google, and Google pays like 30% of the money to the site owner. This is the service for ads on YouTube too. Now, in order to set it up, you need to get an ad sense account, which is just your normal Google account, and hook it up to a Google Wallet account, place some ads, and bam, every time someone clicks an ad, you get money. This works for Blogger too. But the thing is, Google won't just give money to anybody. It has to be a site that people are going to click the ads on, and not one where ads are ads just there to make money. So, there's a set of requirements. How do I know this? Well, I was going through the side tabs for the blog, when I saw the ad sense tab, and also saw in big letters, YOU DON'T QUALIFY. I was a little miffed; what's wrong with my site? Before you totally ditch me because I'm monetizing I'M NOT. This blog is a personal blog right now, nothing to make money off of. Besides, Google won't let me. But over the next couple of weeks, I will become Ad Sense compliant, so there might be a few changes. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Internet Hate

Lately, I've been feeling the hate of the internet full force. I mean, I knew there were a lot of stupid, ignorant, and pathetic people out there (hence this blog) but the sheer amount of them here on the internet... Now, I guess this could be due to what I like to call the "Breaking Bad Effect" when people who are really screwed up are IDOLIZED. Nothing against the show by the way; I used to watch it regularly, until I got HOOKED on Psych. Recently though, I just had this delightful conversation with this guy named Michael on a Harvard post on G+. (Yes, I use that. Eternal shame to me.) So he goes, and you know what? This post isn't even about EVOLUTION, but this guy he's like, "GOD Is the Saviour. He made us from ash, and we'll be all ash." I was scrolling along, and had paused to +1 the post (it was about E. O. Wilson) when I see this genius, posting along. I was like NO BEEPING WAY, and hit the comment button as fast as I could. Why? The fact that you even asked why (if you did) just invokes my rage more. ARRRRR! He commented again! Really dude? Okay, calming down. People like that, they just make me UGH on the inside. Let me be clear; I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST MOST RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. I DON'T CARE WHAT RACE, SEX, AGE, (maybe age) OR RELIGION YOU ARE, BUT IF YOU SHOW ME REPEATED IDIOCY I WILL HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOU. This guy, he made several mistakes. First, he immediately saw a post, thought "hmm, it says biology. Biology has something to do with evolution! Evolution is a sin! I should comment about how evolution is fake!" The post was about HONORING A PROFESSOR, IDIOT. It had nothing to do with evolution, except for the fact that it said SPECIES EVOLVE, which is common knowledge. THE POPE ACKNOWLEDGES EVOLUTION. Next, he attempted to sound SOPHISTICATED. See what I mean? When will these people learn? He basically used what I'm assuming is his whole vocabulary trying to create A METAPHOR. Moron, we are NOT MADE OF ASH. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but mommies don't just *poof* mess with ash, and bam, there's a baby. We are made out of these things CALLED CELLS. Want more information? Go talk to your THIRD GRADE TEACHER. Even your PRESCHOOL TEACHER must have taught you the difference between not-living things and LIVING THINGS. We are ALIVE. Ash is NOT ALIVE. Got it? The thing with morons like this dude is that THEY NEVER GET IT. Finally, the last thing he did? After seeing my comment, he decides, "screw this high and mighty thing! I'll just cuss this guy out!" But seriously, even his cussing is pathetic. The classic f-u? Really? The thing that really disappoints me though is the fact that he wasn't able to have a REAL CONVERSATION with me for more than 2 SENTENCES. What an idiot. Again, I don't have a problem with people who just have religious views, and keep them to themselves. But, as soon as people start sharing those views, they have to be ready to expect debate, because there's always that one person with too much time on their hands. But when you share your comment by SPAMMING, or in any way like THIS SMART ONE DID, expect to be ATTACKED IMMEDIATELY. And the attackers won't always be nice, like me.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Broken Install

Hey people. We have a new Australian viewer, which I find a bit coincidental, considering the recent post I just made about a very, very, very stupid Australian. Again, note I have nothing against Australians in general, just this really obnoxious and idiotic one. Well, my Debian install is broken again. I know this doesn't exactly scream stability, but the net installation thing didn't install all the packages I was used to at the base system. Besides that though, the base install of stable was cool. It was just when I upgraded to the TESTING version that my system got screwed up. But don't worry; I'll probably reinstall by tonight, and then try the jump to testing all over again in the morning, teaching you guys how to screw up your systems along the way (if anyone even bothered to install Debian.) I've been getting a feeling that a Debian install and configuration guide isn't really what you guys want anyway, since the views tab for these guides are decidedly empty. On some other news; Google is rumored to be coming up with a $100 smartphone. I personally think that their good no matter what the heck they do. What do you think? Sound out in the comments below. (I doubt anyone will.)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Actual Debian Install!

Well, folks, it took me awhile, (by the way, I'm switching to the default font on blogger 'cause I'm too lazy to switch to Arial every single post) but now I've finally done it; I've put together an install guide for Debian! And to think it only took me a week and 13 hours. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SCREW UPS. IT HELPS READING THE DIRECTIONS, DUNG-HEADS!
Back up your important data too, into one folder. When we're done, you can put it back on your computer. If you have any questions, feel free to comment, and I'll help you. So here it is:
  1. Get yourself a flash drive or a CD or a DVD to install from. If you don't have any of those, you have bigger problems than just not being able to install Debian...
  2. Download Debian from and hunt down an ISO. Having trouble finding the installer? It's IN A GREEN POP UP ON THE HOMEPAGE MORON.
  3. Time to burn! If you're on Windows, and are going to install with a flash drive, look here. Windows with DVD or CD, look here. Linux users, use UNETBOOTIN. For DVD's or CD's, Linux users, use Brasero. Mac people, look here for those DVD's or CD'S. And for flash drives, mac people, look here. (replace it's info with your ISO's information.)
  4. Finally! Time to boot! Linux and Windows, plug in your media and reboot your computer. When it reboots, you should see a brief message saying HOLD BLANK TO ACCESS BIOS or something. Hold that key. Mac's, check here and here.
  5. Mac's select the funny USB icon thingie. Linux/Windows, select the right boot option for the BIOS, and boot from the media. Look here for help, only Windows, Linux. Mac's stay right where I told you to.
  6. Okay, once booted, it's time to install. When the install menu pops up, use the arrow keys to find the Debian Graphical Install and press ENTER. 

And now for a tediously long explanation with pictures about dual booting Debian, or single installing Debian. Ha! Did you really think I was going to do that? No, I'll just embed a few videos and sites!

Standard Install

Windows Dual Boot
 Another Video!

Ha! I fooled you guys, didn't I? Anyway, that's how you install Debian. Be sure to check out my next post on configuring Debian! Peace.

The UK, and a Very Stupid Person (VSP)

My rants have reached another unsuspecting soul! Today, I checked my blog stats, and bam, we have 6 views from the UK! So, hello UK viewers, and hope you guys have a bloody good time! Speaking of those Brits, how about their cousins, the Aussies, though? I mean, being founded as a prison, that's pretty harsh, and big put down. It's like, Uh, blimey, we found some land. What are you going to do with it? A colony for exiles? That's a great idea! But jokes aside, most of the Australians I know (yes, I do know some Australians) seem like really cool people. Except, you know, for the ones who aren't. Like this woman from Australia. Click on the link. It's really disappointing. Let me make this clear; I'm not saying being Australian had anything to do with this accident. I am saying though, that BEING BEEPING STUPID, IDIOTIC, IGNORANT, (DID I MENTION STUPID), AND AN INSULT TO LIFE might have had something to do with it. Wait, you don't get it? Maybe you should try reading the flipping ARTICLE, moron! Anyway, the article is about a stupid, sad, bogus woman who caused a SPINAL INJURY to bicyclist while TEXTING and DRIVING, and then turns around and SAYS SHE DOESN'T CARE. Yes, you read that right. Here's a quote from the article:
“I just don’t care because I’ve already been through a lot of bullshit and my car is like pretty expensive and now I have to fix it. I’m kind of pissed off that the cyclist has hit the side of my car. I don’t agree that people texting and driving could hit a cyclist. I wasn’t on my phone when I hit the cyclist.”
She didn't even have A FULL DRIVER'S LICENSE for crying out loud! She must have been born on the highway or something, cause that's where most accident's happen, and I guarantee, SHE WAS AN ACCIDENT. It's people like this that make me lose faith in humanity. If you look up idiot in the dictionary, her name should pop up! I'm not even kidding. What is it with these people? Do they not understand the consequences of their actions? Or are they simply that disturbed. People like this, they need to be stopped from breeding or something, it's that serious of a problem. It's people like this that are the biggest problems with humanity, and if we don't do something about them quick, we're in for some real trouble. And remember; DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Weird People Adding You?

I just got like 20 notifications about people adding me on Google Plus, which is weird. I mean, I can't be that popular, right? But this has been happening ever since I started this blog. I don't know; has this happened to you too? Not that I don't enjoy the attention or anything, so DON'T UN-FOLLOW ME, but still, it's strange. Maybe it's because my name is common in India and Nepal? I mean, I know that some people add me because of this, since there's been more than one awkward hangout with a creepy dude because of this. Hey, Ayush (launches into rapid Hindi)? Um, excuse me, I think you've got the wrong guy. Oh. Wow, this is awkward. Um, yeah. *silence and creepy smile, as one of us slowly reaches for the end call button, then frantic dash* Maybe it's because you legitimately think I'm a cool guy! *Crickets.* No one? Wow. Or maybe, it's because you just like adding random people like me! (Chorus of yeps, mmm-hmms.) Well, regardless, thanks for your attention. Peace. (Pff- as if.)


Well, I can't believe it, but you guys have actually done it. You guys have gotten me to 256 VIEWS. Okay, fine, now it's like 260+ views, but who cares? I (okay, we) have done it! When I first started this blog, what, 2 weeks ago, I had no idea it would grow so fast! Actually, why lie on such an occasion- of course I knew. But why am I mentioning it now? Why not wait till 300? In 3rd grade, I was considered smart. Not just by me but by the entire 5th grade as well. Not just because of my supreme intellect, but because of the stupidity of the people around me. Okay, I'm being harsh here, fine, um ignorance. It wasn't even their fault really; they just liked watching TV a little more than I liked watching TV, and liked reading a lot less than I did. But anyway, one day, this dude who I guess was feeling bad about his bad grades or something started to mock me for no reason. I was like, what the heck, petty much? A fifth grader mocking a 3rd grader. So now, he's like, Ha, let's see how smart this kid really is. Let me ask him a dumb question that I don't know the answer to, and say he's wrong no matter what. So, the dude's like, hey, kid, I bet you don't even know what 16 squared is! The bus hushes. I'm like okay, do a few wavy arm things, and answer bam, 256! The dude's mouth literally drops to the floor. He gets a calculator out, and I'm right. Now, I'll admit it, I knew how to multiply 2 digit numbers, and because of my dad, knew what squaring a number meant, but still, the look on that guy's face? It's gonna go to the grave with me, and I'm gonna enjoy it fully. So, happy 257+ page view!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Site Changes

Yup, it's me again. I just want to let you know that due to the fact that I'm rapidly expanding this site, and the Debian Linux install guide I'm in the process of setting up, this site will be changing a bit. with pages being a new priority. So, if you want, you can go ahead and click the side links, but don't look at me when your computer is screwed. Although you wouldn't be able to, SINCE IT WILL SCREW YOUR COMPUTER! I know. Pathetic, but still. Worth a shot. No? Back to the main point, the changes will roll out over the next few days, and they'll be ready when they're ready. Oh, and speaking of jokes, here's a list of really bad, offensive, mean, and evil jokes and pickup lines I made during a spur of inspiration! Enjoy, although after reading through it, I don't think you'll be enjoying much of anything...

What is Debian?

After posting my thing about installing Debian, I realized that you might not even know what Debian is. It might seem like a big oversight to you, but hey, I've been doing this thing since I was 9 years old, cut me some slack. So, what is Debian? Debian is a free and open source GNU/Linux Operating System. Let's take that apart one by one. Free: yes, you read that correctly, it's totally free. Many companies that make software, like Microsoft, don't make it freely available to the public. That's how they earn money; by charging people for their software, or apps, like Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Windows. But, Debian is non-profit, and it's goal is to provide the best operating system to the public for free. The next part, open source goes along with that too. Well, what does free mean? It means that you don't pay money, right? Well, to the Debian team, and many other open source developers, it means that you should have the freedom to do whatever you want with their software. You can redistribute it, you can add to the source code, you can sell it, anything you want. So Debian is truly one of the FREEST OS's out there. Next, is GNU/Linux. The first half of that, GNU is the name of the software foundation and ideology Debian is built around. They distribute lots of open source applications, and have a license under which it's distributed. License? It's the General Public License, GPL, but don't worry. It's goal is to protect your rights with the software. Finally, we reach Linux. Linux is a part of Debian: it's a part called the kernel of the operating system. Kernels communicate directly with hardware, your actual computer. For example, they tell your speakers to be louder or softer, and tell your computer screen what it needs to look like. Don't worry about it for now. Linux is also distributed under the GPL, like Debian. Finally, an operating system is a group of special programs that allow you to use your hardware, allow you to install new applications, and allow you to complete basic tasks for your computer. So there you have it; that's what Debian is, in brief. If you want to learn more, you can check out Debian's website, at

Debian Linux Install!

Well folks, it's that time of year again. Of course, I'm referring to WINDOWS SPRING CLEANING (TM)! Your computer has been chugging along happily for a whole year (or, more likely, it's been cursing you all with it's dying breath) and now, it's time for it to have a pit stop. That means, it's time to pull out the old Microsoft Windows Key, back up important files, and then pull out your big old Windows Disc, and reinstall! Well, this year, I have a better option for you! I thought this would be the perfect time to teach EVERYONE how to install Debian, the BEST operating system in my book. Debian is a form of GNU/Linux, (no, Linux is not 16 lines of code) with key features being stability, ease of use, and NO YEARLY REINSTALLS! It can run for years on end without you ever having to load that reinstall disc ever again! Okay, cutting the crap now. The real reason I wanted to show you people how to install Debian is because I screwed up my original install, and now I'm taking a do over. It's not the operating system's fault though, I swear! I just kind of accidentally wiped the drive while screwing around with my system. Yeah, pretty dumb. But, at least I have a backup, right? Except that's only two folders out of all the stuff I have installed. So, anyway, if you want an instant tech bonus in my books, or maybe you don't want to deal with M$ crap, or maybe you're a Mac convert, (iSheep, have you seen the light?) but nevertheless, over the coming days, I'll patch together a site dedicated to you, and link it here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


When I looked out the window last night, I didn't expect there to be sunshine. I didn't expect it to be a bright, and happy day. I live in Chicago, so that's pretty much given here. I did expect rain. Maybe a thunderstorm, with huge lightning. But when I looked out the window, when I actually did it, I didn't get either of those things. At first I thought it was hail, because it was April, right, and hail falls in April, huh? But they were too flat, too puffed up, almost like... NO. NO, NO, NO! It couldn't be, it was, IT WAS FREAKING SNOWING OUTSIDE! I HATE YOU, MOTHER NATURE! I can just imagine her smiling down, and uttering a maniacal laugh. And that supports my view that nature exists solely to crush our dreams. But besides that, what is this place anyway? Last year, it didn't snow at all in Chicago, I think we had like rain and temperatures in the 50s 5 days before Christmas, and now, it's SPRING, we've had 6 SNOW DAYS, and it's SNOWING in April. I hate and despise this world. Now, as to why this stuff is happening, I can think of 2, 3 things: 1. The El Nino current change thingie. 2. Climate Change. 3. The Apocalypse! So, while I get into a ball, and rock in a small corner, BEWARE, READER. Only the strong shall survive the apocalypse! 

Slavery PSA Announcements

Okay, I'd like to thank the most vocal share to care winners: thank you Olivia, thank you Gordon, and thank you Miguel. You guys have generated THE MOST VIEWS on the main blog for slavery. Thank you for your part in stopping slavery, one person at a time. The people of Mauritania will appreciate your help!


Hello. Sorry that I've not been posting for the last couple of days, but my internet connection has been crap. My router is just slowly dying, I suppose. The thing is older than my brother, for crying out loud! We bought it in 2007 for $7, yes $7, while it was going on clearance so the stock could be cleared, so in effect we have an 8 year old router! By now, I should start calling it old faithful or something, chugging along this much just for me, but I really feel like calling it something else, that I won't type here. But, enough, we aren't here to talk about my router, we're here to take about HEARTBLEED, and how I don't really think it's worth that much fuss anymore. What's heartbleed? Well, if you still don't know you've been living under a large rock, or have amnesia and can't remember anything about yourself. So odds are, you do know what it is. Well, here's an xkcd (awesome web comic by the way, highly recommend) image to show you                                                                             how this stuff works:

On a semi-unrelated note, here's one of my favorites from this dude's blog!

Back to the task, we now know that this heartbleed bug has been around for a while, two years in fact, and that lots of servers have been vulnerable. That's the main fact people have been going nuts over so far, and in a way, they might be right. What would you do if you found out a large portion of your life was insecure, or lying to you *cough BEETLES, cough*? But, besides that, I say that people shouldn't be worrying. Most bigwig websites, like FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, and dare I say it, MICROSOFT, are good. So if those are taken care of, all that remains are the other parts of the internet, such as small websites, and blogs. (My blog is safe, cause it's a GOOGLE BLOG!) And for these, I say you might be screwed. MIGHT be is the key word. This bug has been around for two years, and I dare say most evil net hackers didn't know about it, or there would have been more havoc in the internet, that would lead to it being found. So, what about the ones that did know, and used it? That's why I said screwed, and this time, you're really screwed. This bug has been open for 2 years, meaning that anyone who's collected your info has had that information since 2012, meaning if they'd wanted to mess up your life, they probably already did, or have your identity, which is pretty valuable. So, there's not much to do, except change your passwords, and go on a journey to find out what's been happening with your identity that's made into a major comedic motion picture, entitled, Identity Theft. Best of luck on this journey, and peace!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Slavery PSA

We meet again, fellow readers. I'm feeling extra-doozy today because a blog I previously made just surpassed 256 VIEWS. You can see it here. This brings us to the issue of slavery. Wait, what? That's right. If you'd just clicked on the link, you would understand. But, you didn't so I'm going to have to explain it for you. Slavery was abolished in the United States around 150 years ago, if you recall history class. However, it has existed for many more years in Mauritania, a country in Africa. Mauritania was the last place to abolish slavery on Earth, making it illegal to own slaves in 1981. However, modern day descent-based slavery still goes on in rural parts of the country, with support of the government. In fact, rough estimates say that 20 to 30% of the country's population of 3.4 million is enslaved. Imagine that; being owned by another person, like some sort of dog, or pet. That's something that no one in the US can relate to, nor should anyone be able to. Just think about that. That many people still living in shackles that were deemed too evil by the rest of the world hundreds of years ago. Stuck in time during a horrible period of human history. In order to raise awareness of this issue, Rants Against Humanity will sponsor a SHARE-TO-CARE event, where you can share posts with the #standagainstslavery and #mauritania in order to raise awareness. The winner get's featured on the FRONT PAGE of this blog this time on Monday, 4/13/14. See that you make a change, and stop this injustice. Make a stand, and help stop slavery today!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Entropy Rising

Hello, to all my favorite botnets, net worms, and other odds and ends of the internet. Oh, and humans, for the few that actually read this blog. I see that our German viewer is back. Oh, and that I'VE GOTTEN MY FIRST COMMENT. So, thank you +Cassie P for your amazingly informative comment about how The Beatles are just, so, so awesome. Now, back to business. I'm assuming no one (or automated program) knows or understands the concept of entropy? Huh, as if you'll respond. Anyway, entropy is part of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, if I'm correct, and it says in a closed system that entropy will always increase, to the point of thermodynamic equilibrium. That means that basically, energy will be distributed equally across space. Now, that might seem like a good thing, right? I mean, how many times has the price of gas risen because those stupid foreign companies control the market? Equal energy == energy for all! But no, that's not how life works. You don't get free stuff, you die. Actually, that explains equilibrium rather well. Without differences in energy, no work can be done. Work requires a displacement of energy, like steam works because the heat from a heat source is being spread, "equalized" through the steam. As soon as everything is the same temperature, there won't be steam, since steam forms when water cools, and becomes tiny droplets. So, that would suck. But what about Earth, and life? Aren't we defying the system? *Dreams start rising...* Nope. We're stuck too. *Dreams crushed.* The sun drives the majority of life on Earth; it's our heat source. A massive amount of energy is being released by it every day, most of it adding to ENTROPY, meaning that for the small speck of enthalpy we are, we have a DOOMSDAY CENTER powering us. It's like the eternally hated smart car: a guy claims he's eco-friendly since he runs an electric smart car, which he charges, and doesn't burn gas. Meanwhile, a power plant is BURNING 8 FREAKING MEGATONS OF COAL TO CHARGE HIS STUPID CAR. That makes sense, right? Now, my idea is that the political system works the same way. People start out ordered, then they slowly drop into chaos, a mad scramble for power, and end up killing each other. Or, they start making stupid comments about Russia, which could, I guess, lead to the same thing. Yes, you, Sarah Palin, although it seems Christie's beat you in your own game by several thousand miles.
Ah, Politico.
But seriously though, this seems to happen with all epic cultures. Like the Romans, and Emperor Nemo. And, the price to get back into order, the amount of entropy needed to be generated seems to be about the size of a World War. Yep, I know. But there's still hope. Nowadays, violence is only the 10th biggest killer. Let's try and keep it that way.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hey, it's me, the person who's hosting this blog. Well, actually, Google is hosting it. I'm just pressing buttons that make Google make this blog as awesome as it is. Seriously though, I want to thank Google and all other people who have supported me or viewed this blog. We've got 100+ views! Now, I gotta say, that's like a major turning point in your life. It's like realizing that The Beatles aren't actually beetles, and that you've been spelling beetles wrong your whole life, because of The Beatles. (Yep, I just found that out through a search. I've reached a new low.) But anyway, before I mope about how stupid that was, let me personally thank a very special view donator: MYSELF. I know. That's really disappointing. But I'm not here to be judged by you. I'm here to judge you! I've contributed 50 views, myself, and I would like to thank myself for it. Next, I thank you, Google, with your automated web crawl, you've given me 20 views! Next, I would like to thank botnet kind in general, for their total contribution of 18 views! Dank für Ansichten! And finally, last and least, I would like to thank the rest of my viewers, real, living humans, for their  contribution of an amazing 12 views! I appreciate all your dedication, to opening my blog up once, going, eh, this is bad, and then closing right back down. The gift of your apathy is really appreciated. Now, if you excuse me, it's time for me to go contemplate about how my whole life is a lie. Thank's Beatles!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Man Who Saved The World: Vasili Arkhipov

You know the world is screwed up when a guy who saved the world is less well known than a picture of a block cat in space that farts rainbows. And by that, I mean the INFAMOUS Nyan cat. What did it do to gain wide spread fame and fortune? It waved around over and over again, filling people's brain with crap, and instantly became an icon. Our friend, and he was our friend, instead got nothing but a Wikipedia page and died from radiation poisoning. Did I mention how crappy that is? But anyway, the goal of this is to honor him, in what ever miserable way I can, not lament the ignorance of the world. So, here's what happened. Vasili and his boys, the Soviets, (you know, Mother Russia?) were cruising along underwater with nuclear warheads near Cuba during the missile crisis, when the US detected them. Just imagine the conversation. So what do they do? The US, instead of trying any other way to get the submarine to come up, they freaking drop DEPTH CHARGES on the sub! "Uh, boss, I found a submarine chilling along. 'Nuke it, sergeant!' But sir, it's not really doing anything. 'Fine. Bomb it!'" Bravo, US military. Now, in the US's defense, this was a tough time for everyone, what with nuclear armageddon on hand, but if a ship is potentially carrying nukes, wouldn't it be safer not to blow this thing up? Then, like any sane human, the commander of the ship starts to get edgy. "Why are they bombing us? Has the war started? Fire the nukes!" Okay, maybe not that sane, but still. Now, here's where our hero comes into play. Vasili, who's second in command, tries to calm the chief down. They'd previously almost had a nuclear meltdown, which Vasili helped prevent (hence the poisoning), so he takes the man seriously. Vasili's like, nah brah, we can't go blow these ships up. What if the war hasn't started? Would Mother Russia look kindly at us. What is they don't know about the cargo? And, what if the conflict has been resolved, and we're trespassing somewhere? We're running low on oxygen and fuel too, so let's just go up, and get out of here. And the commander listened. They got up, and went back to Moscow. The world didn't blow up. Happily ever after. Yet the thing is, no. This dude deserves recognition, and he didn't get it. Did Nyan Cat save the world? No, but this guy did, and look what happened to him. That's a problem with the media in general. Sure, they show all the bad stuff a few people do, but then they don't pay attention to all the awesome stuff people are doing. With them, it's anything that catches eyes, and happiness is too boring. It's just a few people screwing the world up, it just seems like more. And eventually, people will be doing the bad things more than the right, because that's their concept of normal. So, try and remember the good people more than the bad. Try and encourage courage, like Vasili, and all those other morals. Try like humans have been trying for millennia. But most of all, get him a TROPHY or something for his awesome deeds.

Hallo, Zuschauer!

So, I was checking the views tab, and I found a German viewer! Now, it's probably a botnet, or some other automated junk, but thank you, robots (and occasional humans) everywhere! But, the other thing that struck me was the fact that there were, *gulp*, so many of you using INTERNET EXPLORER! Now, maybe you guys are masking your browsers or something, but that is not okay at all. The only thing I hate more about Micro$oft than their over priced, laggy, pathetic excuse for an operating system Windows, is Internet Explorer. I mean, come on, let's look at the facts here. Who uses Internet Explorer? There's only two kinds of people who do this:

1. People who just reinstalled Windows for the 100th time, and are downloading Chrome or Firefox. 
2. People who don't know any better.

Now, there is a third reason too. "People might just like IE as a browser." --SAID NO ONE EVER! The point is people, have some respect for yourself, and get yourself a different browser. Anything, really, anything! I'll even put up with Safari! (That sulks too, by the way.) Oh, and speaking of Safari, no Safari users yet! Yay! Oh, no wait. A Safari troll, probably a botnet. I hate botnets. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Windows Rants

Okay, so I was on the internet today, and I saw an ad for Windows. And I hate Windows. I hate all those new crappy tiles, I hate that little jingle that happens every time you turn on the computer, I hate Internet Explorer (who doesn't?) and I especially, especially hate that stupid background! I mean, please people, a hill, or if you have a newer version of Windows, a literal curvy box? They can't even pick a decent background! But what I hate the most is all the errors. Year in, year out, day by day, reboot, reinstall, update, crash, reboot, reinstall, update, crash. It drives me insane, with all the stupid errors, inabilities, and all the viruses! Now, I'll admit, it's been a while, about a year, since I used Windows, but my time has been a bliss. So, back to the topic, I decided to search the internet for things that would justify my hatred to the ignorant masses. And I was not disappointed. Introducing, the real WINDOWS!

Mission Statement

Lately I've been looking around the world, and have had to do a bit of soul searching on the whole issue of humanity. Yes, issue. Looking back at all the thing's we've done so far, and the things we'll do, I think it's fair to say that we're one of nature's worst creations. We're supposed to be intelligent, logical, and communicative as a species, but I mean just look at us! All we've done is cause problems, and I've grown to have serious doubts about the our viability as a species to stay alive for another 150,000 years. What does that have to do with this blog? Well, when I was little, I used to worry about what would happen if the sun went out. So, I started reading about the sun and stars, and came to the conclusion that there was nothing I could do about it. That's the last time I worried about that problem. Humans, same thing. There's little to do, so why bother trying? If we're digging our own grave, why not chill, relax, let it go. And that, in effect, is a summary of this blog. To let me vent my frustrations, my anger, and say and do the things I want to do, because no matter what I choose, fate has been chosen for me. I'm not referring to that overly religious stuff by the way. No, I'm talking about how I don't care about it.  And you know what? Maybe you should stop giving as much to the petty world at large too.