The Cheekies

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hey, it's me, the person who's hosting this blog. Well, actually, Google is hosting it. I'm just pressing buttons that make Google make this blog as awesome as it is. Seriously though, I want to thank Google and all other people who have supported me or viewed this blog. We've got 100+ views! Now, I gotta say, that's like a major turning point in your life. It's like realizing that The Beatles aren't actually beetles, and that you've been spelling beetles wrong your whole life, because of The Beatles. (Yep, I just found that out through a search. I've reached a new low.) But anyway, before I mope about how stupid that was, let me personally thank a very special view donator: MYSELF. I know. That's really disappointing. But I'm not here to be judged by you. I'm here to judge you! I've contributed 50 views, myself, and I would like to thank myself for it. Next, I thank you, Google, with your automated web crawl, you've given me 20 views! Next, I would like to thank botnet kind in general, for their total contribution of 18 views! Dank für Ansichten! And finally, last and least, I would like to thank the rest of my viewers, real, living humans, for their  contribution of an amazing 12 views! I appreciate all your dedication, to opening my blog up once, going, eh, this is bad, and then closing right back down. The gift of your apathy is really appreciated. Now, if you excuse me, it's time for me to go contemplate about how my whole life is a lie. Thank's Beatles!