The Cheekies

Friday, April 18, 2014


Well, I can't believe it, but you guys have actually done it. You guys have gotten me to 256 VIEWS. Okay, fine, now it's like 260+ views, but who cares? I (okay, we) have done it! When I first started this blog, what, 2 weeks ago, I had no idea it would grow so fast! Actually, why lie on such an occasion- of course I knew. But why am I mentioning it now? Why not wait till 300? In 3rd grade, I was considered smart. Not just by me but by the entire 5th grade as well. Not just because of my supreme intellect, but because of the stupidity of the people around me. Okay, I'm being harsh here, fine, um ignorance. It wasn't even their fault really; they just liked watching TV a little more than I liked watching TV, and liked reading a lot less than I did. But anyway, one day, this dude who I guess was feeling bad about his bad grades or something started to mock me for no reason. I was like, what the heck, petty much? A fifth grader mocking a 3rd grader. So now, he's like, Ha, let's see how smart this kid really is. Let me ask him a dumb question that I don't know the answer to, and say he's wrong no matter what. So, the dude's like, hey, kid, I bet you don't even know what 16 squared is! The bus hushes. I'm like okay, do a few wavy arm things, and answer bam, 256! The dude's mouth literally drops to the floor. He gets a calculator out, and I'm right. Now, I'll admit it, I knew how to multiply 2 digit numbers, and because of my dad, knew what squaring a number meant, but still, the look on that guy's face? It's gonna go to the grave with me, and I'm gonna enjoy it fully. So, happy 257+ page view!