The Cheekies

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Broken Install

Hey people. We have a new Australian viewer, which I find a bit coincidental, considering the recent post I just made about a very, very, very stupid Australian. Again, note I have nothing against Australians in general, just this really obnoxious and idiotic one. Well, my Debian install is broken again. I know this doesn't exactly scream stability, but the net installation thing didn't install all the packages I was used to at the base system. Besides that though, the base install of stable was cool. It was just when I upgraded to the TESTING version that my system got screwed up. But don't worry; I'll probably reinstall by tonight, and then try the jump to testing all over again in the morning, teaching you guys how to screw up your systems along the way (if anyone even bothered to install Debian.) I've been getting a feeling that a Debian install and configuration guide isn't really what you guys want anyway, since the views tab for these guides are decidedly empty. On some other news; Google is rumored to be coming up with a $100 smartphone. I personally think that their good no matter what the heck they do. What do you think? Sound out in the comments below. (I doubt anyone will.)