The Cheekies

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Casual Gaming

Hey guys! I just got done playing Flappy Birds. I know, I know, shame unto me, but I've never really been a gamer, and honestly, that's the extent to which my gaming prowess goes. I have a Wii, which in itself is very telling, but I don't really use that either. It's mainly for my brother, who plays Diego and Dora on it. I've played browser games occasionally, but most of the time I quit them in like 5 minutes because either I don't really like the game, or (this happens most of the time) I can't get past the tutorial or first level. In fact, most of the time, when I do play games online, I play hacked games so I never have to worry about losing. But even then, now the hacks are made so that you have to push buttons to activate them, so I'll be mashing the button really hard while I'm getting OWNED by the AI. It's pretty disappointing all in all. But that changes later today! From now on, I'm going to attempt to redeem my self from these lows, and become a semi casual gamer. The art of casual gaming has been lost for decades, ever since the iPhone came into being, and the world was ushered into an era of freemium gaming. What does this decision mean? Nothing really. I'll just occasionally post videos of my self playing old or very casual games and make a total idiot out of myself. So be ready, good blog reader! Prepare for the return of CASUAL GAMING!