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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Clive Bundy And Racism in America; Stupid Racists

Now I'm sure by now you've heard of Clive Bundy. Here in the U.S. it's been making the news rounds for about a week, until 5 days ago or so, of course. If you haven't heard of him, (international viewers- only my German viewer now though, since apparently my British, Indian, and Australian viewers decided to ditch me. Thanks again for that.) let me spare you a Google. Besides, even if you do Google him, by now the news is a bucket load of stale crap from several weeks ago, and it's not very clear. Plus, the dude has his own BLOGSPOT, so there's a lot of FUD being spread by him as well. Anyway, Cliven is a rancher that gained national recognition with the mega-conservatives out there while fighting- yes, it almost escalated to physical violence- for control of land that he grazed his cattle on. He claimed that the land belonged to his family, but the government clearly proved OTHERWISE. So you know what he did? He got a bunch of his other white friends to come over with their guns and stuff, and had a standoff with the government. A STANDOFF. And you know what happens when he disobeys the law, threatens violence, and refuses to cooperate with the government? HE GETS NATIONAL RECOGNITION AS A REPUBLICAN POSTER BOY, AND IS SUPPORTED BY PROMINENT REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN. In fact, it looked like he was going to get away with it too, the breaking of the law and all, until he, good 'ole Clive opened his big fat mouth again, and started spouting off RACIST comments. So what do his supporters do? They immediately renounce their support, say, "He said it, not me!" and move far, far away. Idiots, the whole bunch of them. Who didn't see this coming? I sure did. I still can't get over the fact that this guy was taken seriously for as long as he was! He's a freaking racist criminal, and he senators celebrated  him! What's wrong with this screwed up world? First of all, there shouldn't have been any supporters for him from the get-go. This is just another example of a stupid far-right rancher that's using the "government is too darn big!" line to avoid paying the government money. With his case against the government, he's basically refusing to acknowledge the U.S. government and it's CLEAR ownership of the area his cattle graze on, saying, "Yessie, well, that land has been close my family for years now, and I have the right to graze wherever I want my darn cattle to!" No Bundy, you don't. Hey, my family lived in Asia for generations, but I don't go around claiming to own the Himalayas, do I, Clive? This man is simply a cheep skate criminal that walks around spreading "gov'ment too darn big" crap as an excuse to his ILLEGAL activities. Sure, the government can be a bit heavy-handed sometimes, and maybe they did make some mistakes. But if you felt you were wrongly accused, YOU CAN ISSUE A FREAKING PETITION, MORON. You could even go to court! Oh, that reminds me. What did the court say? It said you were WRONG. So what did you do? You got your self a bunch of militia men to come and fight with the government. Why are there still private militia men? I don't know, but Clive definitely knew about them. He got a bunch of younger white guys to come with AK-47's blazing and have a standoff WITH THE GOVERNMENT. And the response? A bunch of IDIOT Republicans called him a national hero! Idiots, he's freaking leading a revolt against the government! That brings me to another point; the congressional support. First of all, whenever there''s a crazed criminal who doesn't recognize the U.S. government, the thing YOU DO NOT DO is ASSOCIATE yourself with him. Next thing you know, OVER HALF of all Republican Presidential Hopefuls support him! You want to U.S. President, but support a guy who doesn't recognize America? Next, they didn't even VET him out. They were so desperate for someone to identify with, they immediately accepted him. Just like that old lady who wanted to execute the President. You guys are preaching ACTS AGAINST THE UNITED STATES, and you want the American people to freaking give you responsibility? You preached Phil from Duck Dynasty until you found out he was a homophobic too. The same thing happens when you find out he's a racist-you distance yourself. WHY WERE YOU EVEN NEAR THAT PILE OF CRAP? The problem isn't with the other people idiots- YOU are the reason no one votes for you guys anymore. On one hand you have the crazy stupid, crap-sicle far right conservatives who preach racism or presidential death, and then you have those Republicans who aren't half bad, have modern views of society, just having different economic standpoints who NEVER make it to the big leagues. Republicans need to change; the PEOPLE who supported this guy need to change. Otherwise, there will be serious consequences in the future.