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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Entropy Rising

Hello, to all my favorite botnets, net worms, and other odds and ends of the internet. Oh, and humans, for the few that actually read this blog. I see that our German viewer is back. Oh, and that I'VE GOTTEN MY FIRST COMMENT. So, thank you +Cassie P for your amazingly informative comment about how The Beatles are just, so, so awesome. Now, back to business. I'm assuming no one (or automated program) knows or understands the concept of entropy? Huh, as if you'll respond. Anyway, entropy is part of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, if I'm correct, and it says in a closed system that entropy will always increase, to the point of thermodynamic equilibrium. That means that basically, energy will be distributed equally across space. Now, that might seem like a good thing, right? I mean, how many times has the price of gas risen because those stupid foreign companies control the market? Equal energy == energy for all! But no, that's not how life works. You don't get free stuff, you die. Actually, that explains equilibrium rather well. Without differences in energy, no work can be done. Work requires a displacement of energy, like steam works because the heat from a heat source is being spread, "equalized" through the steam. As soon as everything is the same temperature, there won't be steam, since steam forms when water cools, and becomes tiny droplets. So, that would suck. But what about Earth, and life? Aren't we defying the system? *Dreams start rising...* Nope. We're stuck too. *Dreams crushed.* The sun drives the majority of life on Earth; it's our heat source. A massive amount of energy is being released by it every day, most of it adding to ENTROPY, meaning that for the small speck of enthalpy we are, we have a DOOMSDAY CENTER powering us. It's like the eternally hated smart car: a guy claims he's eco-friendly since he runs an electric smart car, which he charges, and doesn't burn gas. Meanwhile, a power plant is BURNING 8 FREAKING MEGATONS OF COAL TO CHARGE HIS STUPID CAR. That makes sense, right? Now, my idea is that the political system works the same way. People start out ordered, then they slowly drop into chaos, a mad scramble for power, and end up killing each other. Or, they start making stupid comments about Russia, which could, I guess, lead to the same thing. Yes, you, Sarah Palin, although it seems Christie's beat you in your own game by several thousand miles.
Ah, Politico.
But seriously though, this seems to happen with all epic cultures. Like the Romans, and Emperor Nemo. And, the price to get back into order, the amount of entropy needed to be generated seems to be about the size of a World War. Yep, I know. But there's still hope. Nowadays, violence is only the 10th biggest killer. Let's try and keep it that way.