The Cheekies

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hallo, Zuschauer!

So, I was checking the views tab, and I found a German viewer! Now, it's probably a botnet, or some other automated junk, but thank you, robots (and occasional humans) everywhere! But, the other thing that struck me was the fact that there were, *gulp*, so many of you using INTERNET EXPLORER! Now, maybe you guys are masking your browsers or something, but that is not okay at all. The only thing I hate more about Micro$oft than their over priced, laggy, pathetic excuse for an operating system Windows, is Internet Explorer. I mean, come on, let's look at the facts here. Who uses Internet Explorer? There's only two kinds of people who do this:

1. People who just reinstalled Windows for the 100th time, and are downloading Chrome or Firefox. 
2. People who don't know any better.

Now, there is a third reason too. "People might just like IE as a browser." --SAID NO ONE EVER! The point is people, have some respect for yourself, and get yourself a different browser. Anything, really, anything! I'll even put up with Safari! (That sulks too, by the way.) Oh, and speaking of Safari, no Safari users yet! Yay! Oh, no wait. A Safari troll, probably a botnet. I hate botnets.