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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hello. Sorry that I've not been posting for the last couple of days, but my internet connection has been crap. My router is just slowly dying, I suppose. The thing is older than my brother, for crying out loud! We bought it in 2007 for $7, yes $7, while it was going on clearance so the stock could be cleared, so in effect we have an 8 year old router! By now, I should start calling it old faithful or something, chugging along this much just for me, but I really feel like calling it something else, that I won't type here. But, enough, we aren't here to talk about my router, we're here to take about HEARTBLEED, and how I don't really think it's worth that much fuss anymore. What's heartbleed? Well, if you still don't know you've been living under a large rock, or have amnesia and can't remember anything about yourself. So odds are, you do know what it is. Well, here's an xkcd (awesome web comic by the way, highly recommend) image to show you                                                                             how this stuff works:

On a semi-unrelated note, here's one of my favorites from this dude's blog!

Back to the task, we now know that this heartbleed bug has been around for a while, two years in fact, and that lots of servers have been vulnerable. That's the main fact people have been going nuts over so far, and in a way, they might be right. What would you do if you found out a large portion of your life was insecure, or lying to you *cough BEETLES, cough*? But, besides that, I say that people shouldn't be worrying. Most bigwig websites, like FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, and dare I say it, MICROSOFT, are good. So if those are taken care of, all that remains are the other parts of the internet, such as small websites, and blogs. (My blog is safe, cause it's a GOOGLE BLOG!) And for these, I say you might be screwed. MIGHT be is the key word. This bug has been around for two years, and I dare say most evil net hackers didn't know about it, or there would have been more havoc in the internet, that would lead to it being found. So, what about the ones that did know, and used it? That's why I said screwed, and this time, you're really screwed. This bug has been open for 2 years, meaning that anyone who's collected your info has had that information since 2012, meaning if they'd wanted to mess up your life, they probably already did, or have your identity, which is pretty valuable. So, there's not much to do, except change your passwords, and go on a journey to find out what's been happening with your identity that's made into a major comedic motion picture, entitled, Identity Theft. Best of luck on this journey, and peace!