The Cheekies

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hey, so I just got done posting about internet hate, and I decided this would be the best time to do some housekeeping. I've got my system back together now, so YAY! Hopefully, this means that I can follow a daily posting schedule. But, I actually do have a life outside of this, so fingers crossed. I finished changing up the pages section of this blog. Now, whenever you want to get information about Linux or GNU, you can click on the link on the side. That's the only link working right now though. Everything else is crap. The goal is to organize this site better, but I ONLY HAVE 21 POSTS, so this isn't really an issue just yet. While I was checking the views tab, I also got some other news; our BRITISH and AUSTRALIAN FRIENDS HAVE LEFT! I know right? Like that's a huge put down for me. Is this blog not worth your time? I was about to go on a major rant about you and your worthlessness, but then I figured, nah, there's still a chance for them. Maybe they'll check the blog tomorrow, and besides, the German viewer is all I need really to be INTERNATIONAL. Anyway, guess what! We've reached a new record for highest number of VIEWS, 60 yesterday! That is huge, right? Even if I did contribute 31 of those views, it's still big for me. We're almost to 512, which is another special number for me, just because it's 256 + 256. WHEN we reach that goal, I promise myself, THAT I WILL STOP COUNTING MY OWN VIEWS AS VIEWS. I know, a terrible decision, since after that I'll have like 0 view growth, but for some stupid reason, I feel like I owe you guys, my real viewers (bot nets too) just enough to stop lying to you. (Okay, real reason: in order to qualify for Google Ad sense, I can't count my own views, and I think it's time I start making money off this blog.) That brings me to my next point; AD SENSE. For those of you who don't know, Ad Sense is Google's Web Ads platform. That's how Google makes money; by selling ads to companies to display them online. Every time you click an ad, the company pays Google, and Google pays like 30% of the money to the site owner. This is the service for ads on YouTube too. Now, in order to set it up, you need to get an ad sense account, which is just your normal Google account, and hook it up to a Google Wallet account, place some ads, and bam, every time someone clicks an ad, you get money. This works for Blogger too. But the thing is, Google won't just give money to anybody. It has to be a site that people are going to click the ads on, and not one where ads are ads just there to make money. So, there's a set of requirements. How do I know this? Well, I was going through the side tabs for the blog, when I saw the ad sense tab, and also saw in big letters, YOU DON'T QUALIFY. I was a little miffed; what's wrong with my site? Before you totally ditch me because I'm monetizing I'M NOT. This blog is a personal blog right now, nothing to make money off of. Besides, Google won't let me. But over the next couple of weeks, I will become Ad Sense compliant, so there might be a few changes. Enjoy!