The Cheekies

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Internet Hate

Lately, I've been feeling the hate of the internet full force. I mean, I knew there were a lot of stupid, ignorant, and pathetic people out there (hence this blog) but the sheer amount of them here on the internet... Now, I guess this could be due to what I like to call the "Breaking Bad Effect" when people who are really screwed up are IDOLIZED. Nothing against the show by the way; I used to watch it regularly, until I got HOOKED on Psych. Recently though, I just had this delightful conversation with this guy named Michael on a Harvard post on G+. (Yes, I use that. Eternal shame to me.) So he goes, and you know what? This post isn't even about EVOLUTION, but this guy he's like, "GOD Is the Saviour. He made us from ash, and we'll be all ash." I was scrolling along, and had paused to +1 the post (it was about E. O. Wilson) when I see this genius, posting along. I was like NO BEEPING WAY, and hit the comment button as fast as I could. Why? The fact that you even asked why (if you did) just invokes my rage more. ARRRRR! He commented again! Really dude? Okay, calming down. People like that, they just make me UGH on the inside. Let me be clear; I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST MOST RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. I DON'T CARE WHAT RACE, SEX, AGE, (maybe age) OR RELIGION YOU ARE, BUT IF YOU SHOW ME REPEATED IDIOCY I WILL HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOU. This guy, he made several mistakes. First, he immediately saw a post, thought "hmm, it says biology. Biology has something to do with evolution! Evolution is a sin! I should comment about how evolution is fake!" The post was about HONORING A PROFESSOR, IDIOT. It had nothing to do with evolution, except for the fact that it said SPECIES EVOLVE, which is common knowledge. THE POPE ACKNOWLEDGES EVOLUTION. Next, he attempted to sound SOPHISTICATED. See what I mean? When will these people learn? He basically used what I'm assuming is his whole vocabulary trying to create A METAPHOR. Moron, we are NOT MADE OF ASH. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but mommies don't just *poof* mess with ash, and bam, there's a baby. We are made out of these things CALLED CELLS. Want more information? Go talk to your THIRD GRADE TEACHER. Even your PRESCHOOL TEACHER must have taught you the difference between not-living things and LIVING THINGS. We are ALIVE. Ash is NOT ALIVE. Got it? The thing with morons like this dude is that THEY NEVER GET IT. Finally, the last thing he did? After seeing my comment, he decides, "screw this high and mighty thing! I'll just cuss this guy out!" But seriously, even his cussing is pathetic. The classic f-u? Really? The thing that really disappoints me though is the fact that he wasn't able to have a REAL CONVERSATION with me for more than 2 SENTENCES. What an idiot. Again, I don't have a problem with people who just have religious views, and keep them to themselves. But, as soon as people start sharing those views, they have to be ready to expect debate, because there's always that one person with too much time on their hands. But when you share your comment by SPAMMING, or in any way like THIS SMART ONE DID, expect to be ATTACKED IMMEDIATELY. And the attackers won't always be nice, like me.