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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meme Binge!

Okay, you know how every now and then, it's just one of those days when you feel like doing nothing productive and totally wasting your time? Well, today is one of those days for me, and when this happens, I go... MEME BINGE! Today, I'm going to share with you the best (okay, fine, just mediocre) of what the internet (specifically, Google Images, but that's already basically a bunch of the internet) has to offer in memes! So get ready to binge! 


This one is bit of a warmer. Not really tipping the scales in being funny, but the baby, and the pose, it just looks really cute. (Happy? I used the word. Now prepare to never hear it again.) Plus, don't you have fond memories of watching Elmo and being enthralled with the now creepy puppet? No? Fine.


This one though, that's getting better. I'll say it here right now, I'm a DEMOCRAT to INDEPENDENT. No where near the super-conservatives out there. Seriously, those guys carry viewpoints from the Dark Ages. Get with the times! Worth a note; Mitt was actually right about Russia being important.


Okay, now this one made me smile. It's a bit old, but you get the picture. I'm a FIRM ANDROID USER. I'm also an Apple Hater, and that's the way I like it. Seriously, iOS Maps was one of the worst product releases ever. As my Australian viewers know, the Aussie government actually told everyone to stop using Apple Maps after it launched for their own safety. This was after people started driving into airplane hangers, and stuff. Thank's, Apple!


This isn't one of those sick-burn type things, but it definitely is a good meme. I just want to post it because Stephen Hawking, pictured here, is one of the coolest, epic-est, AWESOME-EST people ever in my book. Literally, he's that awesome, revolutionizing physics and all. Part of the reason I like him is because as a person, he's actually a bit of a butt, but despite this, he's risen to success, and has overcome the odds. He's like Steve Jobs or Richard Stallman, not the best of guys as people, but awesome because of what they've accomplished. No offense to Hawking personally, but the people I mentioned are kind of like proof to me saying "yes, you can still be a jerk and be successful." So to all the jerks out there, listen up: hope is not lost for you- yet!


OH MY GOD! Gordon Ramsey is the boss! His attitude, jerkishness, and perfectionism put him on my list of top 10 people to EMULATE. Seriously, this guy is top notch in the combination of humor, anger, excellence, and talent that SO MANY EXPECT to fail, but he doesn't. This definitely allows me to put a perspective on life, since this shows that no matter how nice you are, you're never going to get anywhere in life without BEING RUTHLESS. When was the last time you saw a nice rich guy? Besides Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, though they were quite feisty in the old days themselves. 


I just love this meme, since it comes from one of my favorite movie franchises/series's, from back in a time when America was obsessed with British people (even more than now) and that awesome slap stick brand of comedy. THANK YOU AUSTIN POWERS!


Mitt Romney, anyone? Oh crap, now I gotta insert this.


MARIO FINALLY MAKES SENSE! As a child, I never did get the concept of Mario. He was an Italian man/boy with a big mustache that ran around eating and jumping on mushrooms, during a quest to save a princess named after common fruit from an angry bull-turtle. Sounds like a Mafia drug addict chasing around an abused wife to me! 


Ah, Nokia, good old Nokia. Why did you have to sell to Microsoft? You know, during a school play, I used one of those old block phones as a prop. I don't recommend it in real life though, cause I'm pretty sure one of those models gave people cancer. Oh, and Chuck Norris FTW!


Kevin Hart man! I HAVE to see his movies! This line though, really, awesome. That's all there really if to say.


Alienware! Don't you just love watching a bunch of conspiracy theorists go at it for a couple of hours after dealing with this thing called reality? No? Well I sure do. This guy, in fact is my favorite. Like literally, his hair and his crazy attitude? AWESOME. even if he is, you know, a bit off-the-rocker. And mixing that with Alienware? ANCIENT ALIENS + ALIENWARE = AWESOMENESS!


Ha! +Mitt Romney you mad bro? This is a bit out dated, but awesome! 


Okay, now I know that if I don't include a Bush meme, this post will be incomplete on the political front, so here it goes! And I know I'm not part of the Nobel Prize board or anything, but I think that they were wrong in giving +The White House President Obama the Peace Prize. First of all, no offense, but I think there are people who deserved it more than him, and also, that seems a bit like the Prize is aligning itself with a particular government, and takes away from the neutrality, giving-recognition-when-due vibe the Nobel Prize has gathered over the years, and should keep. 


Again, this goes with the whole Stephen Hawking thing above too. No matter what you personally think of him, you have to give Stephen Hawking credit, and serious amounts of it at that. Disregarding his personal journey, which he thinks you should do, he's revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos and of the universe itself, and advanced human knowledge to the next level. Anyone with that kind of thing on the resume earns some series cred with me. But despite that, many don't like him, or don't even bother to even pretend and care. Sigh.


Okay, I promised myself I wouldn't go overboard with Stephen Hawking... but I did this anyway. Last one folks, and man is this the prime package! A yo-mamma joke, and science! Comedy and learning! Genius, isn't it? Or is it Myth Busters...

Peace for the world! (As if...)