The Cheekies

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


When I looked out the window last night, I didn't expect there to be sunshine. I didn't expect it to be a bright, and happy day. I live in Chicago, so that's pretty much given here. I did expect rain. Maybe a thunderstorm, with huge lightning. But when I looked out the window, when I actually did it, I didn't get either of those things. At first I thought it was hail, because it was April, right, and hail falls in April, huh? But they were too flat, too puffed up, almost like... NO. NO, NO, NO! It couldn't be, it was, IT WAS FREAKING SNOWING OUTSIDE! I HATE YOU, MOTHER NATURE! I can just imagine her smiling down, and uttering a maniacal laugh. And that supports my view that nature exists solely to crush our dreams. But besides that, what is this place anyway? Last year, it didn't snow at all in Chicago, I think we had like rain and temperatures in the 50s 5 days before Christmas, and now, it's SPRING, we've had 6 SNOW DAYS, and it's SNOWING in April. I hate and despise this world. Now, as to why this stuff is happening, I can think of 2, 3 things: 1. The El Nino current change thingie. 2. Climate Change. 3. The Apocalypse! So, while I get into a ball, and rock in a small corner, BEWARE, READER. Only the strong shall survive the apocalypse!