The Cheekies

Friday, April 18, 2014

Weird People Adding You?

I just got like 20 notifications about people adding me on Google Plus, which is weird. I mean, I can't be that popular, right? But this has been happening ever since I started this blog. I don't know; has this happened to you too? Not that I don't enjoy the attention or anything, so DON'T UN-FOLLOW ME, but still, it's strange. Maybe it's because my name is common in India and Nepal? I mean, I know that some people add me because of this, since there's been more than one awkward hangout with a creepy dude because of this. Hey, Ayush (launches into rapid Hindi)? Um, excuse me, I think you've got the wrong guy. Oh. Wow, this is awkward. Um, yeah. *silence and creepy smile, as one of us slowly reaches for the end call button, then frantic dash* Maybe it's because you legitimately think I'm a cool guy! *Crickets.* No one? Wow. Or maybe, it's because you just like adding random people like me! (Chorus of yeps, mmm-hmms.) Well, regardless, thanks for your attention. Peace. (Pff- as if.)