The Cheekies

Monday, April 7, 2014

Windows Rants

Okay, so I was on the internet today, and I saw an ad for Windows. And I hate Windows. I hate all those new crappy tiles, I hate that little jingle that happens every time you turn on the computer, I hate Internet Explorer (who doesn't?) and I especially, especially hate that stupid background! I mean, please people, a hill, or if you have a newer version of Windows, a literal curvy box? They can't even pick a decent background! But what I hate the most is all the errors. Year in, year out, day by day, reboot, reinstall, update, crash, reboot, reinstall, update, crash. It drives me insane, with all the stupid errors, inabilities, and all the viruses! Now, I'll admit, it's been a while, about a year, since I used Windows, but my time has been a bliss. So, back to the topic, I decided to search the internet for things that would justify my hatred to the ignorant masses. And I was not disappointed. Introducing, the real WINDOWS!