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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Awards and U.S. Education

I've been hearing a lot of crap over medals lately, and I'm just sick and tired of it. Apparently, some parents can't manage to understand the idea of what a medal is, let alone handle their children not getting one. Now, depending on where you are, this may or may not be an issue, but here where I live in the U.S. at least, there's a bunch of BS in the air. But to understand it, first you have to understand the American education system. Over time, American education has been slowly struggling to stay up to date with the modern world. Here, the states are responsible for putting their own standards on education within state boundaries, but then localized districts are responsible for managing the day to day aspects. This means that there's a lot of variation in curriculum depending on where you live, and every state has different standards and requirements, so things can look very different. In order to unify and modernize education, starting from the 1970s, the federal and state legislatures began passing a ton of laws to try and regulate general education. This came from a push to have equalized and better education for everyone, and with a bigger emphasis on education on the job market, to try and improve the economy. At this time, there were also radical new ideas coming in to play in the world of education. This movement resulted in hundreds of new programs that popped up, each based on a different philosophy to try and "fix" education. Sounds good right? Not so much. Although many of these proposals sounded good on paper, when it was attempted to try and implement them, many faced large problems. The problem was that each school had different needs, funding ability, and student bodies at different places. These standards sometimes resulted in more problems with schools, and took a while to implement. Not only that, but many of these education fads were sweeping the country, meaning every couple of years, the school would be forced to change. Combined with federal pressures, and a struggle to group low and high performing schools together, schools just started slowly falling behind, so the standards also took a hit and were CHANGED. This meant more emphasis on tests, then collaborative work and "teaching people how to think" rather than "teaching people what to think." This also meant a greater emphasis on children's feelings, and playing on their strengths. By making away with arbitrary judgement or any kind of useful local-level categorization, and instead trying to force generic testing, schools managed to find a way to work around these fads, and new educational oversight and standards.

Now I'm sure you're very interested with U.S. education and all, but what does this have to do with that award bull crap? EVERYTHING. Because of these new developments in education, where more often than not an emphasis is put on EVERYONE winning and participating, many aspects of normal competition have come under fire, including award distributions. You see, it's this kind of mindset that leads to the idiotic parental complaints I'm talking about. There seem to be two main groups of these morons. The first group thinks that in order to make everyone feel good, EVERYONE should get an award. HECK NO. How stupid are these people? Awards are supposed to MEAN something. They show that that person went ABOVE and BEYOND the norm, and did something that deserves recognition. Not that they participated in some stupid activity or whatever. By giving everyone awards, not only do you take away from the people who earned those awards, but you lie to the people who didn't and come to expect to win everything. That's NOT how life works. No one gives a crap that you participated, it's your accomplishments that take the limelight. By telling people that they 'won' when they didn't, not only are you giving them a reward without merit, but you're setting unrealistic expectations. Not only that, but what's even worse is that with older kids, they know when they're getting a "participation" award. Basically a prize that says hey, you weren't good enough to get anything good but we still give you a prize so you don't feel bad. Now, if a participation thing had some prerequisites, or you had to test in, then maybe a small plaque, but in no way like the amount of awards some parents argue for. The second group of people, in my mind at least, is arguably WORSE. They feel that in order to include everyone, but not give out useless awards, NO ONE should get any. They argue that the people who work for awards don't care about recognition. Again, do you HEAR what you're saying? Not rewarding those who don't deserve the recognition is fine by me, but to ignore the ones who do work for achievements in favor of those who don't? That's just another load of BS. Recognition is important; it shows people that yes, others do appreciate the troubles they have gone through, and that their struggles were worth it. It's one of the few ways that people who are really doing good in the world, the people in the front lines, get thanked individually, and can be proud of. This is something we all could see more of in a society that always focuses on the bad stuff in life.

Recognition can be very important to the people who deserve to get it too. For example, scientists. Many times, scientists aren't really recognized by the general public. Many times you see them being portrayed negatively, like for example with GMO's. However, the majority of them still are pushing the boundaries of human accomplishment, and each is very important. If all scientists stopped getting recognition, than the negativity around them would quickly overcome any personal reasons for them doing their ob. They simply would not be able to make a living with what they do. This similarly extends to kids. Let's face it- WE ARE NOT ALL EQUAL. Each of us has different talents and strengths, and the drive to accomplish different things. By forcing everyone, the good and the bad onto the same plane in terms of recognition, you hurt everybody. So please, moronic parents. Quit complaining about your stupid children's inability to matter enough to deserve any kind of recognition, and blaming it on those who really work for and deserve it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hey bros, guess who's back? THIS GUY! I'm really sorry for the HUGE delay in posting, but it's been a busy, wow, almost 10 days since I last posted! I've had a ton of stuff going on, I've been wasting a ton of my time playing this new game which I *might* talk about later, I've been beefing my computer up, and I've generally been procrastinating across the board. Hopefully, this will jar me back to the land of the living. Now for some house keeping: WE'VE HIT 1086 VIEWS! That's a LOT! I can't believe the amount of
and all the support this page has been getting. I honestly want to let you guys know, this means a lot to me.(Who am I kidding? It means a mediocre amount to me, considering a ton of the views are mine.) Still though, I am blown away by the amount of views and coverage this blog has gotten, DESPITE the fact that I unfortunately haven't been posting here much for the last couple of days. Don't worry, again, I WILL NOT STOP POSTING! I have a ton of ideas for stuff I can do in this blog, and I'll be sure to keep you updated on the direction this blog is taking. Next, REACH! I'm proud to announce that this blog has officially hit 10 different countries! We've hit Australia, India, the U.S. (duh!), Netherlands, Sweden, Indonesia, France, United Kingdom, France, and Germany! Thank you all, viewers of the world, for making blogging a GREAT experience! (so far...) 
I can't wait to continue blogging, and reaching new audiences all over the world! Thanks to you guys, this has been AWESOME. And finally, the overall worst ranking part of my blog? The YouTube section. I'm proud to say that I have 18 VIEWS ON YOUTUBE everybody! Yippee! That could be due to the fact that my videos so far are pretty crappy, and also because I only have 2 videos, but still. However, continue to expect to see upcoming videos on things like casual gaming and stuff. 
Finally, the final announcement. (I know, repetitive much? But hey, it's 9:41, I'm tired.) June 4 - 10, I will be doing a blog special, THE 7 DAYS OF POSTING! As the name suggests, I will post continuously for at LEAST those 7 days, meaning everything from meme binges, randomosity splurges, ranting, to YouTube, I will be doing that stuff then. See you next time! Peace.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blogspot Wordle

Hey guys! I looked into the posts tab today, and I can't believe the fact that I have about 40 posts, but 960 views! So, in honor of this, I've made a wordle of this blog, just to see what my overall vibe is, and I think that this generally describes me as a person to. Comment below!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Meme Binge #2

Hey guys, sorry for not posting for what, 3 days of the week? I just had a LOT of stuff to deal with, so I had to trade work for play. But, don't worry, I'll continue updating this blog, especially during the summer, some more YouTube videos are coming, and I've a whole lot to rant about. So, this WON'T be one of those dead blogs you can find floating around the internet. But anyway, I've decided that hey, if I'm going to start posting again, instead of getting all heated up, why not do another MEME BINGE!
This is the Spiderman face! In honor of the latest movie, I decided to have it join my other memes in my meme folder. I know, pathetic that I have a meme folder. Anyway, anyone have thoughts on the latest one? I'm seeing it tomorrow!
Ah, remember those days, people? Back when a crayon pack meant something? I wish popularity were still this easy. 
Ah, good old Kim.The other one I mean, the one that's a guy, but close enough. You know, just as a side note, many people are like "hey, North Korea's gonna nuke us all!" but I say no. First of all, even if North Korea had a nuke, and even if their rockets were strong enough to blast that nuke, (cough 2012 failed launch, cough) they still wouldn't launch it in fear of nuclear retaliation. It's called MAD, or NUTS, look it up.
Ahh, nothing hits the spot like a Dwight Schrute meme!
Android for the win! Operating system AND robots, I don't care. Interesting note: I've never watched Star Trek, although this meme definitely makes me want to check it out.
Nothing like another good chef meme. But seriously, this is true. Remember that either 2012 or 2013 court case where a black student was barred from going to a white only prom? That just mades me want to bang my head against the wall. Stupid discrimination.

Oh poor Canada. No one gives a crap about you, but would just love to have some of that oil pipeline though...
And now for the highlight of today's meme binge... CHUCK NORRIS!

Ah, that's it for the memes today. I know I didn't really comment on them much, but I figure let the memes do the talking. Or just represent my line of interest. By the way, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris? They were good friends, and never actually really fought each other outside of a Bruce Lee movie, where of course Bruce Lee won. Bruce Lee never got into the karate championship action against Chuck Norris, although apparently they did spar for fun sometime, always to a draw. THEY ARE BOTH AWESOME!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Surface Presentation FAIL


This is the biggest fail EVER! Another reason Microsoft sucks.

Climate Change

 I hoped to avoid this topic, since I have limits to how much stupidity I can take before having a total melt down, but today, time and time again, I've seen TOO MANY STUPID CLIMATE CHANGE SKEPTICS TO AVOID IT. First off: CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, MORON. It's been real for over 40 years, it's just that SOME PEOPLE are too stupid to recognize it. First off, let me clear up some of the FUD being spread around by these "skeptics." Global Warming is referring to the increase in the world's average temperature that's been happening due to the increased amount of carbon dioxide being released into the air by humans. Climate Change refers to EVERYTHING we've SCREWED UP because of the increased amount of CO2, like the melting ice caps, the rise of the amount of water in the oceans, the general increase in temperature around the world, extreme weather, unpredictable cycles, droughts and floods everywhere, the death of many species who cannot cope to the new climate, the destruction of coral reefs... I COULD GO ON ALL DAY. Face it humans; YOU'VE FREAKING SCREWED UP. Some people just don't be able to see the consequences of their actions. THAT'S SOMETHING 5 YEAR OLDS UNDERSTAND. Doesn't mean they don't mess things up, but they recognize the concept. Some of these climate change critics though are worse, because they DON'T understand the concept of action/reaction AND JUSTIFY THEIR STUPID ACTIONS because of this. I'm not here to debate that climate change is real. IT IS. No amount of whining, holier-than-thou preaching, or refusal to think logically will change that. There is so much evidence, it's not even funny. Everything from pollution records to the DEATH of species everywhere. If you want a look at the evidence, here it is, and it is ASTOUNDING. I'll put a graph in here:

That's insane if you look at it. No other time has the CO2 in the air been THIS high, not for more then 2 million years back. This is a cut off of the graph, only focusing on the current time period. But the thing is, people just don't listen to it AT ALL. They'd rather reaffirm their political beliefs or spirituality than do anything about how we've screwed this planet up so much.
That brings me to my next point: those stupid, stupid, STUPID people who equate climate change as a POLITICAL VALUE. What breed of idiot are you guys, morons? NO ONE CAN BE THAT MESSED UP. Climate change is a serious issue facing man kind, THE MOST SERIOUS ISSUE.and people spend time worrying about it's political quips? POLITICS had nothing to do with this. I mean, I've recognized the U.S. politics thing is pretty messed up, BUT THIS IS INSANE. You guys are willing to kill off the entire human race over who gets to sit in a big chair after an election? Disappointing idiots. Not only that, but for some reason, this ONLY SEEMS TO HAPPEN IN THE U.S. What does that say about this country? Climate change is a issue for all of humanity; please don't digress to politics people. We're doomed anyway.
Next come those idiot hipsters from 2012. Yes, those ones, who built up freaking underground bunkers for the "Mayan Apocalypse" but deny climate change. Gosh, my head hurts from hitting it against my desk so much. Stupid bloody crap head screwing bull crap bloody stupid FREAKING IDIOTS. This world is sooo screwed. Climate change is the apocalypse, MORONS.
Another info graphic that agrees with me. But I'm going to leave this one for another day: HOW SOME PEOPLE HAVE ISSUES WITH FACT.
Same thing. Some people are SOOO IDIOTIC.
Another thing; for the people WHO DO agree that climate change is real, because in part of their OWN POLITICAL MOTIVES, THEIR STUPIDITY, and the MORONS WHO DON'T THINK CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL. All they do is talk politics, blah blah blah. WE NEED ACTION!
ANOTHER FACEPALM. **BANGS BRAIN AGAINST TABLE, BECAUSE HEAD IS ALREADY BROKEN.** As I already explained, global warming isn't saying that everyday is warm, it's saying THE AVERAGE TEMPERATURE IS WARMER. Stupid people.
That brings me to my FINAL POINT. The problem with many people though, is that they simply don't understand the science behind climate change, so immediately say HOAX because anything they can't understand must not be true, right? Either that, or they simply are crazy skeptics who don't believe a word of science, or their minds have been crapped on by extreme religion. People need to wake up, and understand though. Otherwise, we are all headed to a path I'm sure no one wants. Extinction.
And finally, the end of this blog post. That took a while. And now I'm bleeding from my scalp. But, despite my best efforts, those of you who read this THAT ARE climate change skeptics, you will probably remain so. And I, like last time I posted on something even slightly controversial (+Joe GMOFail, anyone?) will probably be flamed on this post. But, I'm forced to post this. Not because I want to, or because it will boost views OR because I will literally go on a murdering rampage if I don't, but because I have to have hope that people can change, and that we're not going to die out. So this is my last cry on this blog (for now) about this subject. Please, I'm begging, look at this scientifically. Now screw off, climate change denialists.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hej Swedes!

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've just got to sit down and start writing, but in the meanwhile, we've GOT A SWEDISH VIEWER. So, in honor of that, here are some Swedish memes!
These aren't actually memes made in Sweden. They just popped up when I googled Sweden Meme.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Tree Goats and TROLL FACE

Hey guys. It's been 2 straight days of no posting, and I''m pretty sure you guys want some new posts, so here it is, Randomosity #1. I'll let you Google that for yourself, but anyway here's some stuff that I thought was messed up, cool, or just strange from the INTERNET. First off, tree goats. I know right? WTF is this even? But it's true. Apparently in Morocco, cause yeah, it's not strange enough already, there are these goats that climb FREAKING TREES. Goats are pretty agile creatures, and sure, they do climb rough mountain terrain, but trees? What's wrong with this world? The goats climb up these trees, Argans if I'm not mistaken, looking for food or whatever goats eat, and kind of just hop up there. The trees don't look very big from pictures, but each is basically the size of a 25 year old oak tree, and if you consider the size of the goats, it's pretty mind blowing. The locals have known about this for a long time, and find it strange when people go, Is there a reason there's a freaking goat climbing that tree? They also collect the goat droppings, which they grind into oil that they use on their bodies and cooking, and even market to the tourists they get, selling it as "organic produce." At least they can't be charged with faulty advertising? You know, this makes me wonder what would've happened if Newton was Moroccan? I can just imagine it right now. Newton: Hmm, la la la, oh, a tree! I'll just sit under it. *le goat droppings fall* Hey, what's that? Meh, doesn't matter. Hey! I just got this really cool idea! *le goat falls* Ahhh, my ribs! What the fu-- ohh not the spine-not the spine! Crap! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, my ISCHIUM! *le ambulance comes* Stupid goats. Next up, here's something anyone familiar with the internet will know! The   TROLL-FACE!
Okay, so I did some digging on the internet, trying to find the origins of this mysterious ubiquity, and believe me, it's pretty convoluted. Apparently, troll face was first created on deviantART by a poster named Whynne as part of a MS Paint comic series he was making. Apparently, he was trying to draw the rape rodent, another internet meme pioneer. It (rape rodent) was simply created when someone tried to draw Mighty Mouse (which itself was created as a cartoon for Fox) and failed pretty badly. Anyway, after Whynne made it and posted, not only on just deviantART but also 4Chan, it became a increasingly popular rage comic and as a troll emoticon, hence the NAME. It was born into deviantART on September 19th, 2008, under Whynne, who really is Carlos Ramirez, an Oakland-based artist. It exploded briefly as cool-face, which was different from troll-face since it faced the other way. It tried to signify you knew you had been a piece of crap, while troll-face said you were a piece of crap. Eventually though, the first troll-face out grew it along with problem, leading to a new era of internet trolls and web-comics. The comic itself seems to have peaked on the internet during 2012, although it occasionally makes a comeback for brief amounts of time. Although Whynne at first wanted to be credited widely for the face, he has recognized that it's a lost cause. Many people still claim to have made the troll-face though, but he's the one and only verified person with proof that he made it.  And that's it for today folks. I was going to post some more of these facts, but I saw how long the page was getting, so until next time with Randomosity! Did you like this post? Do you think I should do more of them? Comment below!