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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Climate Change

 I hoped to avoid this topic, since I have limits to how much stupidity I can take before having a total melt down, but today, time and time again, I've seen TOO MANY STUPID CLIMATE CHANGE SKEPTICS TO AVOID IT. First off: CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, MORON. It's been real for over 40 years, it's just that SOME PEOPLE are too stupid to recognize it. First off, let me clear up some of the FUD being spread around by these "skeptics." Global Warming is referring to the increase in the world's average temperature that's been happening due to the increased amount of carbon dioxide being released into the air by humans. Climate Change refers to EVERYTHING we've SCREWED UP because of the increased amount of CO2, like the melting ice caps, the rise of the amount of water in the oceans, the general increase in temperature around the world, extreme weather, unpredictable cycles, droughts and floods everywhere, the death of many species who cannot cope to the new climate, the destruction of coral reefs... I COULD GO ON ALL DAY. Face it humans; YOU'VE FREAKING SCREWED UP. Some people just don't be able to see the consequences of their actions. THAT'S SOMETHING 5 YEAR OLDS UNDERSTAND. Doesn't mean they don't mess things up, but they recognize the concept. Some of these climate change critics though are worse, because they DON'T understand the concept of action/reaction AND JUSTIFY THEIR STUPID ACTIONS because of this. I'm not here to debate that climate change is real. IT IS. No amount of whining, holier-than-thou preaching, or refusal to think logically will change that. There is so much evidence, it's not even funny. Everything from pollution records to the DEATH of species everywhere. If you want a look at the evidence, here it is, and it is ASTOUNDING. I'll put a graph in here:

That's insane if you look at it. No other time has the CO2 in the air been THIS high, not for more then 2 million years back. This is a cut off of the graph, only focusing on the current time period. But the thing is, people just don't listen to it AT ALL. They'd rather reaffirm their political beliefs or spirituality than do anything about how we've screwed this planet up so much.
That brings me to my next point: those stupid, stupid, STUPID people who equate climate change as a POLITICAL VALUE. What breed of idiot are you guys, morons? NO ONE CAN BE THAT MESSED UP. Climate change is a serious issue facing man kind, THE MOST SERIOUS ISSUE.and people spend time worrying about it's political quips? POLITICS had nothing to do with this. I mean, I've recognized the U.S. politics thing is pretty messed up, BUT THIS IS INSANE. You guys are willing to kill off the entire human race over who gets to sit in a big chair after an election? Disappointing idiots. Not only that, but for some reason, this ONLY SEEMS TO HAPPEN IN THE U.S. What does that say about this country? Climate change is a issue for all of humanity; please don't digress to politics people. We're doomed anyway.
Next come those idiot hipsters from 2012. Yes, those ones, who built up freaking underground bunkers for the "Mayan Apocalypse" but deny climate change. Gosh, my head hurts from hitting it against my desk so much. Stupid bloody crap head screwing bull crap bloody stupid FREAKING IDIOTS. This world is sooo screwed. Climate change is the apocalypse, MORONS.
Another info graphic that agrees with me. But I'm going to leave this one for another day: HOW SOME PEOPLE HAVE ISSUES WITH FACT.
Same thing. Some people are SOOO IDIOTIC.
Another thing; for the people WHO DO agree that climate change is real, because in part of their OWN POLITICAL MOTIVES, THEIR STUPIDITY, and the MORONS WHO DON'T THINK CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL. All they do is talk politics, blah blah blah. WE NEED ACTION!
ANOTHER FACEPALM. **BANGS BRAIN AGAINST TABLE, BECAUSE HEAD IS ALREADY BROKEN.** As I already explained, global warming isn't saying that everyday is warm, it's saying THE AVERAGE TEMPERATURE IS WARMER. Stupid people.
That brings me to my FINAL POINT. The problem with many people though, is that they simply don't understand the science behind climate change, so immediately say HOAX because anything they can't understand must not be true, right? Either that, or they simply are crazy skeptics who don't believe a word of science, or their minds have been crapped on by extreme religion. People need to wake up, and understand though. Otherwise, we are all headed to a path I'm sure no one wants. Extinction.
And finally, the end of this blog post. That took a while. And now I'm bleeding from my scalp. But, despite my best efforts, those of you who read this THAT ARE climate change skeptics, you will probably remain so. And I, like last time I posted on something even slightly controversial (+Joe GMOFail, anyone?) will probably be flamed on this post. But, I'm forced to post this. Not because I want to, or because it will boost views OR because I will literally go on a murdering rampage if I don't, but because I have to have hope that people can change, and that we're not going to die out. So this is my last cry on this blog (for now) about this subject. Please, I'm begging, look at this scientifically. Now screw off, climate change denialists.