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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Genetically Modified Food

When I first started this blog, my first goal was to educate the public so stupid, idiotic morons couldn't screw the planet over. So today, when I was looking for a topic to write about while I got my stupid Casual Gaming video to finally work, I came across an anti-genetically modified food ad. And that's when I started raging. I googled GMO (that's Genetically Modified Organism, or food to those of you morons who don't get how acronyms work) and instantly found a TON of bull crap. So, I've decided to clear the air on these foods permanently. FIRST: GMO's don't freaking cause cancer. Two: GMO'S don't cause any other diseases. Three: GMO's are safe in essence as any other freaking foods you can buy at Walmart or Costco. Four: Genetic modification is NOTHING NEW. What you say? You say I'm spreading FUD? Moron, do you know what FUD stands for? (There's a joke in this:) Anyway, let me explain my points. First of all, GMO's do not cause cancer. There's simply no evidence for this at all, and several studies have been done on this. People who ate GMO's were looked at for several years, (the group was like 50,000) and then their chances of getting cancer were calculated versus the chances of normal people getting cancer, and they were ACTUALLY THE SAME. GMO's don't cause cancer. Maybe the problem with this one is that people don't know what a genetically modified food really is. Genetically modified just means that the DNA of the food or whatever was influenced by humans, and did not just evolve in nature. So, it's basically just normal food, since by now humans have been manipulating food for centuries. Just look at the top picture. Next, because it's basically normal food, it does not cause any diseases normal food wouldn't cause. Like if you eat a fatal poisonous mushroom (Mario, anyone?) you're not be dead more by eating a genetically modified fatally poisonous mushroom. In fact, you might live to tell everyone about your stupidity, since the modification could have resulted in the mushroom NOT BEING POISONOUS. I already answered this, but yes, Wholefoods doesn't get you anything but another crappy mantra about "being organic" and a bigger bill for your wallet. Yes, you heard me, That Wholefoods label is A SCAM. I wont't get into bashing Wholefoods much yet, but let's just say GMO's are the same as normal food. Finally, the shocker: ALMOST EVERY FREAKING PIECE OF FOOD YOU BUY IS GENETICALLY MODIFIED. Yes, everything. Look at the meme above, and you'll get what I'm talking about. Wait, you say. You thought genetic modification meant scientists in haz-mat suits playing with glow-in-the-dark carrots or something? Well, that does happen. It just isn't marketed. But besides that, humans have been manipulating food for THOUSANDS of years through selective breeding. They picked the cream of the crop, and used its seeds to breed the next years crop, and so on, until they were left with the best possible combinations, and then continued from there. Do you think that corn has always looked like that? What about other food? Pumpkins? Potatoes? Almost ALL foods that have been farmed have been genetically modified one way or another. So cut the crap about GMO's. It's seriously beneficial to feeding the billions of the world who don't have enough to eat. If consumption of food in developed countries continues the way it's going, soon it may be the only way to feed even 50% of the world's population adequately.