The Cheekies

Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's Here! Casual Gaming!

I've done it guys, I've created my first YouTube video! Okay, not my first, I created a 35 minute video last year, and had trouble uploading it, and recently, I made a 7 minute video as a slavery PSA, (check out my old posts for more information) but that uploaded to a different group account, not only mine. So this, is, in effect, my YouTube debut! And, after carefully editing, watching, and re-re-re-recording the video countless times, I gotta say, it's crap. My voice sounds tinny and high pitched, you can barely hear me, and my computer is droning the background like a dying wildebeest. My computer freezes several times, the game I played has terrible graphics, and is from the '90s meaning even crappier audio, and plus, I think one of my speakers has given out, but hey, it's a start, right? No, it's not. It's easily one of the worst videos I've ever had the distaste of watching. But, hey, enjoy yourself. Who am I to judge this video?