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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Meme Binge #2

Hey guys, sorry for not posting for what, 3 days of the week? I just had a LOT of stuff to deal with, so I had to trade work for play. But, don't worry, I'll continue updating this blog, especially during the summer, some more YouTube videos are coming, and I've a whole lot to rant about. So, this WON'T be one of those dead blogs you can find floating around the internet. But anyway, I've decided that hey, if I'm going to start posting again, instead of getting all heated up, why not do another MEME BINGE!
This is the Spiderman face! In honor of the latest movie, I decided to have it join my other memes in my meme folder. I know, pathetic that I have a meme folder. Anyway, anyone have thoughts on the latest one? I'm seeing it tomorrow!
Ah, remember those days, people? Back when a crayon pack meant something? I wish popularity were still this easy. 
Ah, good old Kim.The other one I mean, the one that's a guy, but close enough. You know, just as a side note, many people are like "hey, North Korea's gonna nuke us all!" but I say no. First of all, even if North Korea had a nuke, and even if their rockets were strong enough to blast that nuke, (cough 2012 failed launch, cough) they still wouldn't launch it in fear of nuclear retaliation. It's called MAD, or NUTS, look it up.
Ahh, nothing hits the spot like a Dwight Schrute meme!
Android for the win! Operating system AND robots, I don't care. Interesting note: I've never watched Star Trek, although this meme definitely makes me want to check it out.
Nothing like another good chef meme. But seriously, this is true. Remember that either 2012 or 2013 court case where a black student was barred from going to a white only prom? That just mades me want to bang my head against the wall. Stupid discrimination.

Oh poor Canada. No one gives a crap about you, but would just love to have some of that oil pipeline though...
And now for the highlight of today's meme binge... CHUCK NORRIS!

Ah, that's it for the memes today. I know I didn't really comment on them much, but I figure let the memes do the talking. Or just represent my line of interest. By the way, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris? They were good friends, and never actually really fought each other outside of a Bruce Lee movie, where of course Bruce Lee won. Bruce Lee never got into the karate championship action against Chuck Norris, although apparently they did spar for fun sometime, always to a draw. THEY ARE BOTH AWESOME!