The Cheekies

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oh Canada, Oh Canada!

Hey, guess what? We got our first CANADIAN VIEWER. That brings us to a total of 9 countries hit by this blog! That's like, um (a quick Google later...) 5% of the world! So, Canadians, tell me, how's your winter been, eh? Okay, enough with the stereotypes, but still, my winter has been miserable. It's freaking MAY and the temperatures this morning were AROUND 0 DEGREES (CELSIUS) (I may live in America, but I don't mess around with Fahrenheit for my temperatures.). I'm sick of it.And, hopefully today I can finish the Casual Gaming video! Finally, some other news: an anti-GMO just added me on Google Plus. I know, WTF, right? I just got done bashing your values, and you friend me? Not saying that's bad, just unexpected. Well, that's something we could all learn from the stereotypical Canadian, a little brotherly love. Is that guy even Canadian? I don't know. But I do know that a little bit of love will go a long way. Thanks Canada! (I just realized Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love. Stupid random website.)