The Cheekies

Monday, May 5, 2014


Let me make this clear; I'm not much of a nostalgic person. Sure, as you can see with my YouTube videos, I do occasionally like looking back on things, if only to appreciate how far we've come, or just to appreciate the work of previous generations, but I don't really yearn or miss the old stuff. I can recognize that for better or worse, we have gone beyond whatever old crap I'm looking at, and can appreciate today's crap. But today, as I was scrolling through YouTube today, I found a technostalgia video. Yes, that's a word, and it means exactly what you'd expect it to mean. TECHNOSTALGIA! Get a life, moron. Technology is one of the few places that I can say has definitely gotten better over time. Does it have problems? Sure, but it sure is better than the crap you're selling from the 90s. This guy needs to stop glorifying the crap of yesterday in comparison to today. That's the thing with ALL NOSTALGIA. Face it losers, life wasn't better back in the old days. It was crappy as today, it's just that you remember it being better because for some reason, you have issues dealing with being a 40 year old nobody who's contributed nothing to life at all. Okay, now that I'm done hating on nostalgics in general, let me share with you why this video is crap. First, this video cites fast boot times as a pro of the past. He then shows a Commodore 64 booting up. Well of course it boots quickly! The thing has freaking 64 kilobytes of memory. There isn't much to boot up. The system literally ran on almost zilch, compared to today's feature rich operating systems, which result in longer boots. Not only that, but this argument is still invalid, because if you want to, you can get those old fast boot times by installing another operating system on your computer that's faster, like DSL, Kolibri or DOS. It's the software, not computer. Next, he says the manuals were better, pulling out a Commodore Manual. Who needs a manual with a computer any more? The reason the computer had a manual was because it needed one; you needed to know a bunch of commands to be able to do anything. Today, most people can get around a GUI easily, and for those who can't most operating systems have BIG BUTTONS that say HELP. For system manuals, and quick start guides, those are either included with the computer, found on the computer, or downloadable to the computer. Next, he says they were "easier to program." I'm just dropping this one, since this guy clearly isn't a programmer. First of all, any computer you buy no matter what, Mac or Windows or Linux has a BUILT IN programming interface, like what the Commodore used. This is BASH of COMMAND PROMPT, which are technically programming languages. And also, the Commodore lacked the extensibility, and abstractions that computers have today, so developers spent more time making programs work on all computers, reinvented the wheel, and had to do more low level work, bad for portability. Then, the guy is like TECH SUPPORT WAS BETTER. And you know what I say? No, it wasn't. Tech support is, and always has been crappy at best. It's just that you expect more today. Next, he says LESS DATA LOSS. First of all, he says you could just switch your broken computer, and keep your data. Flash Drives, anyone? Or even a SATA Hard Drive? SSD's? This dude clearly isn't as technically literate. I'm going to skip a few now, since if I continued with this guy, I'd probably say some things I might pretend to regret in the future. Basically, this guy continues bashing modern technology while worshipping his out dated stuff. Well you know what dude? You can take your awesome Commodore, and it's bankruptcy papers and shove them up your ------! Seriously, what we have here is a tech hipster, and I hate those. For some reason, people like this guy think that just because they're using old technology, or stuck in the 90s, they're better than everyone. But really, the fact that you think you're better than everyone because of your stupidity makes you worse. So quit screwing around, being higher-than-thou, and just admit it that you're just as much of a failure as the rest of us.