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Friday, May 9, 2014

Tree Goats and TROLL FACE

Hey guys. It's been 2 straight days of no posting, and I''m pretty sure you guys want some new posts, so here it is, Randomosity #1. I'll let you Google that for yourself, but anyway here's some stuff that I thought was messed up, cool, or just strange from the INTERNET. First off, tree goats. I know right? WTF is this even? But it's true. Apparently in Morocco, cause yeah, it's not strange enough already, there are these goats that climb FREAKING TREES. Goats are pretty agile creatures, and sure, they do climb rough mountain terrain, but trees? What's wrong with this world? The goats climb up these trees, Argans if I'm not mistaken, looking for food or whatever goats eat, and kind of just hop up there. The trees don't look very big from pictures, but each is basically the size of a 25 year old oak tree, and if you consider the size of the goats, it's pretty mind blowing. The locals have known about this for a long time, and find it strange when people go, Is there a reason there's a freaking goat climbing that tree? They also collect the goat droppings, which they grind into oil that they use on their bodies and cooking, and even market to the tourists they get, selling it as "organic produce." At least they can't be charged with faulty advertising? You know, this makes me wonder what would've happened if Newton was Moroccan? I can just imagine it right now. Newton: Hmm, la la la, oh, a tree! I'll just sit under it. *le goat droppings fall* Hey, what's that? Meh, doesn't matter. Hey! I just got this really cool idea! *le goat falls* Ahhh, my ribs! What the fu-- ohh not the spine-not the spine! Crap! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, my ISCHIUM! *le ambulance comes* Stupid goats. Next up, here's something anyone familiar with the internet will know! The   TROLL-FACE!
Okay, so I did some digging on the internet, trying to find the origins of this mysterious ubiquity, and believe me, it's pretty convoluted. Apparently, troll face was first created on deviantART by a poster named Whynne as part of a MS Paint comic series he was making. Apparently, he was trying to draw the rape rodent, another internet meme pioneer. It (rape rodent) was simply created when someone tried to draw Mighty Mouse (which itself was created as a cartoon for Fox) and failed pretty badly. Anyway, after Whynne made it and posted, not only on just deviantART but also 4Chan, it became a increasingly popular rage comic and as a troll emoticon, hence the NAME. It was born into deviantART on September 19th, 2008, under Whynne, who really is Carlos Ramirez, an Oakland-based artist. It exploded briefly as cool-face, which was different from troll-face since it faced the other way. It tried to signify you knew you had been a piece of crap, while troll-face said you were a piece of crap. Eventually though, the first troll-face out grew it along with problem, leading to a new era of internet trolls and web-comics. The comic itself seems to have peaked on the internet during 2012, although it occasionally makes a comeback for brief amounts of time. Although Whynne at first wanted to be credited widely for the face, he has recognized that it's a lost cause. Many people still claim to have made the troll-face though, but he's the one and only verified person with proof that he made it.  And that's it for today folks. I was going to post some more of these facts, but I saw how long the page was getting, so until next time with Randomosity! Did you like this post? Do you think I should do more of them? Comment below!