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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

American Local News and Russia

Face, meet palm.
Well, it's official. We've hit a milestone here at Rants Against Humanity. Not only do we have a RUSSIAN viewer, but today I will not only be ranting against things in the news, but as the name of this post suggests, I will be ranting against the news. But first, speaking of Russians, of course I have to mention one of the MOST badass of them all (second only to good ole' Vlady Putin himself), FPS RUSSIA! (And yes, I know he's not actually Russian, but still.)

Now that that has been taken care of (I've always wanted to mention FPS Russia and connect him to Vlad), its time to get slightly more serious, and start ranting. 

Another Reason Local News Sucks
The local news. A bastard child of advertisement companies, local interns, and just to screw with biology and that science stuff, mega broadcasters like CBS and ABC. First, a little history. In the old, old, OLD days, news used to be passed around by mouth, neighbor to neighbor. People weren't very aware of the larger world around them, and they didn't really need to be, save for war and weather. Things like politics and rulers were generally irrelevant, as everything needed for life was with you or in the trading post in the nearest village, where maybe you would catch occasional local gossip. But, as times changed, and people were able to move around more, and started to gather in large cities, suddenly, being in the know became more important. Things that happened far away started to actually effect and matter in people's lives, and everywhere was more accessible, so hence the rise of print and newspapers. It was a cheap and easy medium to learn about things happening around the country and the world, and also good business. As the medium became more popular, papers started to compete, each striving to deliver the news first, or get the largest audience through writing style and topics. Still though, although news was more accessible, because of poor education, and a largely rural model of life, people could get by never reading about the news, or knowing what was happening around them. As television was introduced, and the 50s through 60s hit, another boom was experienced by the information market, and new news companies quickly swooped in to take a piece of the pie, resulting in even more accessibility, and even more profitability, with advertisements. Now, most people had access to the news, and better yet, because of the lack of channels, they would stay tuned and engaged to the news channel longer, meaning more money. Thus, news hit a kind of "golden age." News companies were able to sit back and relax, as long as they had the infrastructure to broadcast to a large population, they were good, while news papers hit their peak. But fast forward to the internet age- modern times, and news has hit an issue. Now, almost everyone has access to information, and almost immediately. People no longer need to go and watch TV for news, and when they do, it's for less and less time. Information is at their fingertips, so why bother buying a news paper, or turning on the TV? Plus, when they do turn the TV on, people are now met with hundreds of channel options, each highly specialized, which tries to catch their attention. Broadcasters are facing a crisis. How can they compete with this, a movement of millions, each sharing their voice while things are happening, and uploading them before the news company even gets a memo? How can news compete with the internet? And that's what leads us to the news of today, specifically local news, where the strain shows the most. These news companies, they're now competing with the internet by emulating and integrating with it. And that finally gets me to my rant today, the problems with local news, and modern news in general.

1. CLICK BAIT HEADLINES. The web moves at a blistering pace today, like the modern attention span. People have tons of crap blasted at them everyday, and don't really pay attention for long, so, in order get people to go "huh?" and click on their news, news companies have become INCREDIBLY sensational, creating headlines for NO CRAPPY reason just so that they have something that catches a persons eye. Take the above meme for example. That was on CNN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Just to add a pop factor, to get views, news companies have started adding things like this to their programming. Well news, SERIOUSLY? The reason people even go to the news channel is to get relevant information, not just for blaring, popping headlines. If we wanted that, we'd go to buzzfeed, or read a tabloid or other crap like that. Skipping real news for stories like this even on slow news day shouldn't happen. 

2. EXTREME BIAS. Today, it's incredibly easy to meet and talk with people who share and hold the same belief as you. This can be very attractive at times, but meeting people who share different opinions, and actually hearing them out is important to keep STUPIDITY in society at a minimum. So, whenever I see a headline like this in the news, or other things where bias is incredibly visible, I CRINGE for society. News corporations, you HAVE ENORMOUS POWER over the masses of idiots out there. By airing crap like this, you are screwing the world over just for profit! If people want to hear opinion, then they can see it under an OPINION section, but don't shove this BS at everyone, especially the people who have different opinions, or the mindless idiots who'll follow anything they see on TV. News should give people the facts so that they can think for themselves, not present it in bias. People, think critically about the stuff you hear.

3. INACCURACY. Being inaccurate just to serve your own bias is terrible journalism, and shouldn't happen in places like news channels where people depend on accurate and reliable information. In short, don't serve people bull crap, give people honest information.

So, to recap, much of news today is incredibly biased, inaccurate, and click bait. News companies, if you really want to make money, just give people honest answers, don't try and twist things to serve political agendas, and just be a bit nicer and fact based, rather than being the crap facilities you are today. It might actually work, if you give it a shot.