The Cheekies

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Randomosity #2: Chicken Nuggets and a Baker

Hey guys! Welcome to another RANDOMOSITY! While I was watching the world cup, or browsing through statistics and injury news (yes, I'm that kind of fan) I found quite a bit of new material to rant about, so expect that to come your way. In the meantime however, I thought it would be nice to investigate some of the other greatest accomplishments of the human race, other than going to the moon, mapping the genome, etc. I refer of course to the invention of chicken nuggets! (Okay, so maybe I am desperate for ideas.)
Ah, chicken nuggets. A classic of the American fast food culinary arts, or at least as classical as you can get in a world of fast food. The chicken nugget had humble beginnings, invented officially in an unpatented paper as academic work by a Robert C. Baker, a food scientist who traveled the world revolutionizing the way people viewed and ate chicken. Robert, who had made it his life goal to revolutionize poultry and the industry behind it, was born in 1921 and was a New York native. He earned a bachelors degree in Cornell University, and then went on to major in the great field of Pomology, later getting a masters degree from Penn State and his doctorate at Purdue. Because of his great contributions to society, he is a member of the great American (cause this is the only place that would have such a place) Poultry Hall of Fame! Apparently, he published many papers, and also being an inventor, he made over 40 major contributions to turkey, poultry (isn't that part of poultry?) and cold cut, as well as finding revolutionary ways to bind meat and bread together. All in all, he was the father of the McNugget as we know it, and we will forever be in his debt for the fried food wonders, and heart attack hospital bills. Thank you, Dr. Baker!
But, the story doesn't stop there folks. You see, chicken nuggets actually didn't get very popular until McDonald's christened the McNugget, a full almost 19 years later in 1979. They came up with their own, patented recipe and soon released it into the wild, where it became an instant hit. Now, chicken nuggets are almost ubiquitous, a must-have staple of the American fast food diet. But, all of it goes with thanks to one man, a guy who dared to dream about cut up pieces of chicken fried and breaded to perfection. Here's to him, the Steve Jobs of chicken, the Nugget Man himself, Dr. Robert C. Baker!