The Cheekies

Saturday, December 27, 2014


They say that most blogs only last a few months before fizzling out, becoming another dead webpage in a million. They say that blogs are things that most people at one point get very, very, VERY much excited about, but then end up failing to do anything with, instead devoting their lives to other equally pointless novelties. And most of all, they point smugly at the morgue of the internet and prove that they are right. This blog unfortunately has not managed to escape that narrative. I started this blog as a bet roughly, gosh, 8-ish months ago and since then it has collected 1,700 something views, and has a total of 51, now 52 posts. But about 3 months in, and roughly now 3 months ago, I stopped blogging. Now, an odd couple of months later, I am here to say though, that I am back! I have returned from the pits of fermenting dead dreams and passions, and I vow that I will not go away again (until I inevitably do, anyone else have a feeling of deja vu from another post?). That is to say, I will now take it upon myself to post at least once a week, and I will stick to this promise. High-school may offer its challenges, but let it be known, I will fight back, and I WILL POST AGAIN. On a side note, I've reached some odd 4,000 views, so that's also good. I've also apparently experienced a resurgence in Australian viewers, though the French have not lost their interest. Thanks for not letting my blog not totally fall into oblivion guys, and know that I'll be posting some more!