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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year Day and Some Calendars- Randomosity #3

Happy New Year!

Well, it's finally happened. 2015 is here, and luckily, it's not like it was in Back to the Future, thank goodness (no double ties!). Thanks to this blogs readers, and I personally hope that you have a fantastic New Year ahead of you, and that you somehow, against all odds, manage to complete those resolutions you've been making. Mine are firmly entrenched in 4K territory, though I suppose 1080p is passable (no, my dumb jokes will not go away). Specifically, I hope you guys finally make good on all those weight loss promises (and in no way am I saying this because I stocked up on gym stocks over Thanksgiving- full disclosure people), hopefully by visiting a franchise gym near you! Anyway, now that that stuff is out of the way, let's focus on the date at hand. No, not the day you're reading this or January 3rd, the day I posted (better late than never?), but January 1st, the start of the New Year, that is if you use the Gregorian Calendar. If you use the Julian Calendar, which Greg replaced, you celebrated your New Year a while back, 13 days ago. If you're a Roman enthusiast and use the old Roman Calendar (read: not very many people) then you still have a while to go, celebrating New Years nearer to the Kalends of Martius, or March 1st. The Chinese Calendar says February 19th, converted to Greg, and the Islamic Muharram was from October 24 to October 26 in 2014. Finally, the Hindu New Year is all over the place, depending on the region; here's a link to the list. Anyway, why, you might ask, just why did I go through all that strenuous exercise of Googling random dates and clicking through those Wikipedia links? Think of the amount of variation I just mentioned, and think of the thousands of other major calendars I could have mentioned instead. These calendars go all over the place, and this is just the start. All of these calendars were based around the lunar cycle or extensions of such mixed in with the sun; we haven't even gotten into the galactic calendar which is in year 61 BB. Think of all the fun we could have with that! The point I'm trying to make is don't let this day rule your New Year. Let everyday be your New Year, because even if you go heliocentric, each moment the Earth reaches another spot unoccupied for 365.25 Earth days. And that is worth celebrating. Once again, have a fantastic remainder of the weekend as you struggle to get back to work (and the gym- most franchises are having sales up to 50% membership!) and may you not fail totally at everything you seek to accomplish. Cheers!