The Cheekies

Friday, January 30, 2015

Republican Priorities

Well, it's that time again, specifically the time after that time that you tried to make a set of resolutions for yourself, and have since failed. According to statistics from 2014, by now, almost a month into the New Year, almost 26% of you had failed your resolution this month last year. Barring some spontaneous increase in the American will power, I'd say that we're at that same threshold now. So, happy failure people! I, for one, am proud of myself. I promised a post a week a couple weeks ago, and stuck to it for about 2-3 weeks, already an improvement from last year, when I didn't even make resolutions. This year however, there's another major New Year failure in town: the Republican Party. A few months ago, they won quite the majority here in the U.S. in both the House and Senate. Campaigning on a platform of economic ideas and generally being silent about their positions on social issues, they managed to pull of a significant victory. Republican social positions, thankfully, have generally been on the decline in the U.S. and the GOP recognized that if they were going to pull off a big win in this day and age, they would have shuffle around some of their less popular agenda. Republicans left 2014 off with optimism, and when they weren't gloating in general, they were usually advocating the major economic reforms that they were going to bring to the table come 2015. Well, guess what time it is? 2015! And have we gotten this Republican reform? NO! Instead, we've gotten an abortion bill, a bill to fund Homeland Security but also to revoke all the immigration reforms President Obama has made, and a border security build. What does that have to do with the economy? Priorities people, and the Republicans are sure setting them straight. The sad part is even the Republican House has so far been UNABLE pass their abortion bill despite domination, the Homeland Security bill will in no way pass the Senate or a veto by the president, and a border bill in shambles. Honestly, what is it about Republicans that inevitably attracts them to social issues whenever they have power? Haven't they learned by now that their ideas aren't supported, and don't make sense for the U.S. to pass? What is it with them and female body parts? Republicans have been campaigning to the masses declaring they will bring a smaller federal government to the table, yet here they are trying to legislate broad federal decree for something totally unnecessary! "Hey, let's reduce government! But first, make sure we just fund huge border operations and large federal decrees!" Republicans have a serious issue on their hands, and they need to fix it fast.