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Monday, February 16, 2015

MEME BINGE #3- Valentine's Day

It's time. Time for another meme binge that is! It's actually been quite a while since I did one of these posts, but I've been checking the stats tab on blogger, and it looks like these posts are actually pretty popular, probably due to image aggregations by Google Image Search or Bing Image Search (*shudders*), possibly even Yahoo. Does Yahoo even have an image search function? Probably does, but I'm too lazy to go look into it myself. Hmm, maybe I'll Google it. Whatever the case, without further ado, here are the top memes on the internet (or at least the ones I could find in ~5 minutes of Google searches. Yep, I'm really letting my lazy show.)

With Valentine's Day just behind us, I thought I'd throw in a couple of these memes for those of us who are single out there.

For those of us who got a bit of N(itrogen) and O(xygen) style rejection on that fateful day, here's  Sheldon's take on the matter.

Ah, the Office. Nothing but a good bit of snark to put off that meh from one of the more over hyped 'holidays' of the year. On a side note, Valentine's Day, or at least the associated Christian saint's celebration part, is also celebrated on June 6 and June 30th, and on June 12 in Brazil.

Not much to say about this meme, for me at least, except that I too had a recent reunion with an older console: my Wii. It actually wasn't that bad of an experience, since I was playing Wii Sports Resort, but I could certainly do with less pointing driven menu action, which was waaay too much work with the fidgety sensor bar.

Ah, the old Beyonce classic. Once a relevant and bold billboard top, now delegated into occasional meme references and the rare walk down YouTube playlist memory lane. With the internet becoming seemingly faster paced every year, I wonder how long it will last.

GRUMPY CAT! Nough said.

Now that's much better than that Han Yolo meme, right? Also, apparently there are rumors that Hans will get his own movie, after the new Star Wars movie. YAY!

If money can't buy love, then why buy flowers, a card, or chocolates?

After this Valentine's Day, I bet a lot of people will be asking for some quotes on this single business.

Meming about Spongebob, anyone seen the latest SpongeBob movie?

And now one that ISN'T Valentine's Day related, ARROW! I LOVE this T.V. show, and highly recommend you check it out, if you haven't already. It's one of my must watch series's, including Gotham, The Flash, The Big Bang Theory, and Supernatural.

I know what I'm dressing up for Halloween as; Left Shark FTW!

See, here's the problem with this meme: real alien spaceship computer hackers run LINUX. 

And now with Live Kernel Patching coming up by default, we may one day will NEVER REBOOT. YAY!

And now, finally to end off today's Meme Binge with a bit of originality instead of blatant copying of images, here is the home grown, one and only KAWAI-ALE. Guess which celebrity I Gimped onto the whale in the comments below, and see you next time!